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Pentax K-7 Review

Pentax K -7 has excellent build quality, wide customization options, good ergonomics and a large number of additional options, while having a fairly compact size.

The K-7 is a significant step forward for Pentax in delivering cameras of this level. Thanks to the metal elements in the body, the camera gives the impression of a reliable and well-built model.

The camera is equipped with moisture and dust resistant lenses.

Despite its small size, in comparison with similar models from other manufacturers, the Pentax K -7 includes a fairly large number of useful options.

The model has good proportions and a grip that allows you to comfortably hold the camera in your hands and give it a fairly stable position in space.

An additional screen displays a wide range of different indicators about the current camera settings. Although it does not have the function of always displaying the selected ISO level, this data can be easily accessed by pressing the separately located button.

The model has an excellent viewfinder, which will be very convenient for determining the composition. It should be noted that the larger it is, the easier it is to point the camera at the subject. At the same time, it displays a frame for autofocus, which turns on when you press the corresponding button. There are three options for adjusting the focus selection.

The handle of the camera, accommodates the battery compartment, it is closed by a protective door with an additional latch, which ensures its reliable fixation. The model uses a new type of battery, which has better performance in terms of operating time, while being smaller. Given the presence of a high-resolution screen, the Pentax K -7 is capable of taking up to 740 pictures.

Access to memory cards is carried out through a door in the handle, while it is not very large, which can be somewhat inconvenient during its opening and closing. Also, a rubber protective cover covers the main connectors of the camera, these are HDMI output, USB and charger input. The K-7 has an external microphone input located above the main connector compartment.

The model has a built-in flash that can be activated either manually or automatically when the appropriate settings are enabled.

Like other cameras in this class from Pentax, the model has a good array of external controls. An additional wheel can be found on the upper side of the body, the functions of which can be configured using the camera menu. There is also a shutter button, as well as a button to turn on the camera, which additionally activates the view mode. Not far from these, you can find buttons for adjusting exposure compensation and selecting an ISO level. This is also done in order to speed up the adjustment of the basic parameters of the camera.

Pentax K -7, like many models from other manufacturers, has the function of aiming the camera using the main screen. In this case, you can adjust the degree of approximation of the picture displayed on it.

The camera has an excellent arrangement of controls that allow you to easily adjust all the necessary parameters without long scrolling through the menu.

At the same time, it is quite extensive, but at the same time it has a convenient sorting of the main options into categories. There is also the possibility of additional customization of some menu parameters.

The main screen of the camera does not have a touch-screen function, it only displays the required data, and their adjustment is carried out using a large number of external buttons. Frequently used settings are accessed by pressing the INFO button during shooting. You can navigate through the menus using a four-band controller.Clicking on which opens the corresponding window, in which the required settings are already made. In general, the information displayed on the screen will depend on the current operation of the camera.

The K -7 offers a wide range of built-in image processing capabilities. In this case, pictures can be expanded, applied various filters, and also work with RAW files.

A closer look at the menus shows how many functions the K -7 has and how customizable it is. Of note is the ability to shoot continuously at up to five frames per second. But at the same time, the model has a slightly slower focus adjustment in automatic mode. This is especially noticeable in high-speed shooting mode, as well as in low light. In all other options, autofocus is adjusted quite well and accurately.

The K-7 has a large number of built-in effects called digital filters. This feature is nothing new, but their presence is somewhat unusual for a model of this level, since it is more typical for compact cameras. These filters can be applied during exposure selection, or during post-processing of the resulting image.

Examples of pictures:

The ability to shoot video with the K-7 is also a very nice addition. When the camera is set to the appropriate mode and takes a picture, it does so completely automatically and does not respond to pressing any buttons other than the shutter button. Autofocus is also not available, but it is possible to set it in advance before the start of recording.

Unlike many other cameras capable of recording video, the K -7 is not allowed to take still images while shooting. To do this, you need to select one of the usual camera modes. Also, during video recording, you cannot change the amount of information displayed on the screen. The built-in microphone can only record sound in mono format, but in cases where sound quality is an important parameter, an external microphone can be used.

Like most other cameras in its class, the K -7 captures very good HD quality with smooth motion even at the highest resolution.

The Pentax K -7 has excellent build quality and ergonomics at the level expected from a camera in this class, while offering ample customization options. The model offers a very competitive sensor resolution and shoots good quality video, with a wide range of additional useful functions at its disposal.

The quality of the resulting images is very good at medium ISO levels, they have natural colors and a lot of detail. The best image quality can be obtained when shooting in RAW format.

Considering its small size, the K -7 fits comfortably in the hands, it is easy to hold it stably in space, mainly due to its good assembly and comfortable shape of the handle. In general, the ergonomics of the camera are excellent, not only in terms of a large number of external controls, but also in terms of their correct location.

The menu looks a little complicated, but all the options are well sorted and divided into groups, after some time, navigation through it will be quite fast.

Positive characteristics:

- good resolution for JPEG and RAW images

- excellent build quality

- a wide range of additional characteristics

- convenient location of external controls

- the quality of the recorded video

- battery life

- extensive built-in capabilities for processing the captured images

Negative characteristics:

- a lot of noise at high ISO levels

- autofocus speed

- inconvenient location of the memory card slot

- most of the advanced options are only available in JPEG mode