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HOW TO CHOOSE A SUITCASE - the size of travel suitcases on wheels, which is better and stronger - plastic or fabric

The most popular carry-on suitcase size worldwide. Most major international airlines limit the size of carry-on baggage as follows: in the sum of three dimensions, the size should not exceed 115 cm (55 cm × 40 cm × 20 cm).

The million dollar question: "Which is better and safer for travel - plastic or fabric?" Let's figure it out!

Plastic is more durable than fabric:

  • do not get wet;
  • they are easy to clean. Maximum - wipe with a napkin;
  • the body can withstand shocks and falls. You can not be afraid of the zealousness of the loaders and without fear of transporting fragile things.

How to choose a suitcase

Plastic are different. Made of polycarbonate with metal inclusions, it is shock-resistant, does not bend, but is "afraid" of scratches. And with titanium chips it is almost not killed. It will last until you wipe off the handles or wheels, but it costs like three "simpler" ones.

Fabrics made from nylon, suede or polyester are the lightest. Empty small models are no heavier than a 2 liter bottle of water. Even when packed to capacity, they can be taken on the plane without worrying about overweight (check the permissible baggage weight on the website of your air carrier):

  • you can stuff everything into fabric, and a little more - on average, it stretches by 3-5 cm;
  • if the fabric is treated with water-repellent impregnation, it will not get wet and not stained;
  • the surface is not scratched like plastic models;
  • in the side pockets you can put the little things you need on the road - a book, napkins, toilet paper;
  • with the same dimensions, a cloth suitcase is cheaper than a plastic one.

The quality of the polyester depends on the amount of denim, as in tights. The thinner the material, the faster it wears out. Choose a suitcase made of dense textiles - no thinner than 600 den. See label information (600 D).

Elegant leather models are the most impractical. They are heavy and tear easily. For long trips, and even with a family - not an option.

Suitcase sizes: nuances you need to know about

  1. The volume of a small suitcase does not exceed forty liters. Its dimensions are within 40x55x20 cm. Ideal for those who value lightness more than comfort and travel with a toothbrush, a pair of changeable underwear and a T-shirt (summer !!!). The two-wheel model has more luggage space than the four-wheel model.
  2. For travel, it is best to buy a medium travel suitcase with a height of 56-72 cm and a volume of 85 liters. It can easily fit all three evening dresses, several pairs of men's shoes and a child's toys. For a larger family, it is better to get a couple of these than one - a huge one. Keep in mind that not every airline carries huge baggage, and it will be easier for your hands.
  3. Large suitcases are roomy but bulky. Indispensable for those who do not travel without a hairdryer, laptop and multicooker. We have already said everything to such homely travelers. :)

How to choose a suitcase on wheels: the most important

When choosing a good suitcase on wheels, consider even the smallest details and remember that you are going to relax, not strain!

  1. A travel suitcase on two wheels will roll at an angle. This will reduce the stress on the hand by 70%! You can also overcome uneven paving stones without problems. The main thing is that the wheels withstand, especially the plastic ones. It is good if they are large (from 5 cm in diameter) and "recessed" into the body for additional protection. And in general, super, if they are located on the same axis, each with its own mount. Ideal is the suitcase whose wheels are equipped with bearings - the support on which the axle is mounted. This reduces friction.
  2. A model with four small wheels is more difficult to roll over bumps. The load is unevenly distributed in it.If in a two-wheeled weight it presses on the body, then in a four-wheeled one - on the wheels. Buy with reinforced rear wheels with larger diameter or with double ones. If necessary, you can roll your luggage at an angle.

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Suitcase handles: what to look for?

When lifting heavy loads, we often grab the retractable handle (this is more convenient!). Look at both, break it - complicate your trip.

The best suitcases are with three handles. One retractable and two fixed (on top of the body and on the side). In the horizontal position, it is more convenient to carry luggage if you break the retractable handle.

Pay attention to the handle, which is located near the retractable. It is on her that the load falls when we lift the suitcase. It is desirable that it be with metal rivets - this is more reliable.

The retractable handle should not "walk". The plastic fastener, which we hold onto, must go deep into the metal inserts and be securely fastened with screws. This will ensure that the handle does not break at the most inopportune moment.

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Which one to buy - with a zipper or with snaps?

Most models with latches are closed with combination locks. They are like a safe - strangers will not open it.

Zipper is easier and more convenient. Can expand when closed if the suitcase is full. But if it breaks, it's a disaster (things will fall out, and whatever you want, then do it!).

Watch our video on how to repair a zipper

Let's see which fastener is stronger:

  • metal, at first glance, strong. But on the bends of the case, it most often breaks;
  • plastic is more reliable than metal. She's more flexible. Choose a wide one (from 8 cm) - it will last longer;
  • rubberized - stretches well and does not allow moisture to pass through even under a generous shower.

It is important that the zipper does not close tightly. Don't trust the sellers that it will develop over time. The slider will not become easier to "walk". You will only get a problem when zipping.

Buy a model with a built-in combination lock. Otherwise, you risk being robbed.

Watch the video how easy it is to open the padlock and then close it as if nothing had happened

Happy choice and pleasant stay!

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