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HOW TO REFUEL THE LASER PRINTER CARTRIDGE - how to refill the laser printer cartridge (toner) yourself

Laser Toner

So, you've decided to refill the laser printer cartridge yourself. You must first purchase the correct toner. Please note that there is no universal toner for all models of laser printers. Therefore, you will have to buy exactly the toner that is suitable for your specific printer model.

Before using toner, make sure it has been stored at normal temperature and under normal conditions. It must be a hermetically sealed vessel, and the temperature must be room temperature. In essence, it is a powder, therefore, in no case should moisture be allowed to get on it, otherwise lumps will form. If this does happen, you need to shake the closed container of toner and then the lumps will break.

Attention! Toner is a very harmful substance and should not be allowed to enter the respiratory tract and eyes. In addition to allergic attacks and cramps, it contains a very strong carcinogen. It contains various substances that cause diseases of various internal organs. Thus, you need to ensure the maximum level of safety - wear glasses on your eyes, a respirator on your mouth and nose, and rubber surgical gloves on your hands.

True, this is not enough. The room where the toner cartridge of the laser printer will be refilled must be very well ventilated and ventilated. A range hood is ideal. We close the stove lid, turn on the hood and start refueling. This is one of the options. You can make a draft in the room and start refueling. In this case, the toner should be blown out of the room as quickly as possible along the shortest path.

Refilling toner

Depending on the manufacturer of the cartridge, refueling can be done in different ways. Basically, here the cartridges can be divided into two subtypes.

  • cartridges, which have a special hole with a plug, opening which you can simply fill in toner;
  • cartridges to be disassembled in order to refill toner.

For cartridges of the second type, in addition to disassembling, there is another option to drill a hole in the case and pour toner through it, but we do not recommend resorting to it for a number of reasons:

  • firstly, in order to drill a hole, you need to know where, and for this you need to have the appropriate qualifications; and if you have it, why not take it apart?
  • secondly, as a rule, after such a refueling, neither the cartridge itself nor the printer itself does not last long.

Therefore, if there is no plug on the cartridge, it must be disassembled. The general principle is to remove the top cover from it and gain access to the toner reservoir. Since each manufacturer and each printer model has its own disassembly features, it makes no sense to describe everything in one article. Search the Internet for instructions on disassembling and refilling your particular cartridge model.

When refueling, never touch the drum surface with your hands, even if you are wearing gloves. This is a very sensitive element.

And finally, remember: you can refill any cartridge, you just need to approach the problem correctly.