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Epson EB-W7 President

We present to your attention the Epson EB-W7 projector. This projector model is excellent in functionality, economy and great quality for your home, education and business.

Epson is the world leader in the production of projectors, which presents us with an update in the line of projectors for solving various kinds of problems - a new mobile model - EB-W7. This model of the projector differs in addition to the affordable price and economy in operation, as well as excellent functionality in operation. And the 3 LCD technology used in the Epson EB-W7 projector provides unsurpassed image quality.

The developers of the Epson EB-W7 projector have an updated design that includes natural and smooth features of the body - all this gives the Epson projector a business style and stylish look.

Simple operation and updated design.

A very convenient combination of the compactness of the projector and its light weight allows us to solve many important tasks, for example, when you use the projector to travel to presentations on business issues or to transfer it between audiences and classrooms in various educational institutions. That is why the developers of the EB-W7, unlike their previous models, have made this type of projector 30% smaller in size and 15% lighter in weight. In addition, a carry bag is provided for maximum portability with this projector.

Epson EB-W7 is quite easy to connect, for example, just like you start your work with a personal computer or laptop. Thanks to the USB Display function, this EB-W7 projector can be connected to a computer or laptop without additional settings with one USB cable, and thanks to the function that corrects keystone distortions, the image is straightened. Preparation for work, namely - turning on the projector and its warming up occurs in just a few seconds, and the shutdown and cooling of the projector occurs instantly.

High image quality and brightness

The EB-W7's affordable price, combined with its impeccable image quality, gives you the flexibility to make the right choice. The Epson EB W7 has an increased brightness of 2200 lumens, and thanks to the high brightness and outstanding performance of Epson 3LCD, this projector will provide you with rich images, including bright rooms, as well as excellent object detail and color reproduction. Viewing the Epson EB-W7 3LCD projector will absolutely not tire your eyesight, or even the sensitive children's eyes.

The EB-W7's WXGA resolution will expand your screen area by 30% and effectively use this projector with interactive whiteboards and widescreen laptops.

Economy and safety

Epson EB-W7 is very economical to operate. The 175 watt Epson E TORL lamp used in this projector will provide a lifespan in ECO mode of up to 5,000 hours.

The Epson EB-W7 projector even has the function of unauthorized viewing by locking the control panel and password protection, as well as preventing possible theft of the device. The EB-W7 has a sticker on it to warn you that the projector is protected.

This projector is a line of bright mobile projectors that outperform the competition in this area in terms of convenience and functionality. These technological developments of projectors and their large-scale production allow Epson to make a projector of such a level as EB-W7 as profitable as possible and quite affordable in price. "

This projector is guaranteed for up to 2 years and its lamp is backed by a 6 month warranty.

Key features of Epson EB-W7:

Device type - 3LCD;

The real resolution of the projector is 1280x800;

support for widescreen projections - WXGA resolution;

Color brightness (brightness) - 2200 lumens;

HDTV support - yes;

For elementary display of images from a laptop or personal computer - direct connection via the USB interface;

Device weight - 2.3 kg;

Projector dimensions (WxDxH) - 295x228 x 79mm.

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