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HOW TO WHIP MILK - Whisk the milk correctly to make latte and cappuccino froth in a coffee machine or cappuccino maker

1. Use a cappuccino maker - a milk frother

The cappuccino maker helps to whip milk as quickly as possible and the principle of operation resembles a mixer. To make the froth right, heat the milk in a milk jug. As soon as you notice a light steam, remove it from the stove - the most delicate foam comes from a warm, not hot drink. Pour it into a tall cup if you have a manual cappuccino maker. While holding the whisk at a 45-degree angle, whisk the milk until it doubles in volume.

Now wait a minute for the large bubbles to disappear. Before pouring the air cloud into the drink, knock the bottom of the cup on the table several times. Bubbles that have settled on the walls will float up and the cappuccino foam will become thicker.

2. Make foam with a mixer or blender

Place the milk in a saucepan over low heat and beat while heating. Do not bring to a boil. When a lush bubble forms, remove the saucepan from the stove and immediately transfer the froth to the cappuccino.

3. Beat with a French press

If you don't have a blender and mixer, you can use a French press to whip the foam. It is such a tall glass cup with a piston inside, in which tea or coffee is brewed. Fill it with heated milk a third and actively work with the piston. Move the piston vertically so that the glass does not burst. If bubbles form on the foam, turn the French press clockwise and tap it on the table. Gently pour the foam into the coffee, placing the rest from the walls on top.

How to whip milk for a cappuccino in a coffee machine

Beat the froth in the coffee machine in less than a minute. At the same time or a little earlier, you need to make coffee so that the milk topping does not get blown away by waiting.

  1. Prepare drip-free steam. To do this, run the steam generator “dry” and wait until steam has escaped without splashing.
  2. Pour milk into a pitcher.
  3. Submerge the steam generator tube into it so that it does not reach the bottom.
  4. We perform whipping with steam. The milk froths in seconds and heats up to 70 ° C - this should happen with a characteristic hiss. If you hear a gurgling sound, the cappuccino maker is too high or low. Look for the optimal position for him.
  5. Finish your witchcraft as soon as the foam is smooth and shake the pitcher in a circular motion. Then knock them on the table.

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Which milk is best for cappuccino

In milk for latte and cappuccino, it is not the fat content that is important, but the protein content - the consistency of the foam depends on it:

  • with a high protein content, the foam turns out to be sticky and oily;
  • with small - dry and coarse-grained.

Experienced baristas prefer a protein percentage between 2.8 and 3.8.

When boiled, proteins curl up and lose their properties. Therefore, tasty and thick foam is obtained only from raw (pasteurized) milk, of course, not powdered.

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