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NOKIA 6060

NOKIA 6060

NOKIA 6060 Specifications

Frequency range: GSM 850/1900

Dimensions / Weight: 85x44x24mm / 91.7g

Battery: 670mAh

Talk / standby time: 2.5 h. / 260 h.

Display: TFT, 65000 colors, 128x160 pixels

Data transfer: GPRS, wap, E-mail (SMTP, POP3, IMAP4)

Posts: MMS, SMS, Flash SMS (messages that are displayed as a scrolling line on the recipient's screen)

Additionally: xHTML Browser, Expense Manager, Java, Speakerphone


During the test, the device caused an ambiguous attitude towards itself from colleagues. For example, one saw in her the embodiment of the image of an iron lady - refined, but strong. To me, the narrow strip of LED reminded me of the connector on the fearless Robocop's helmet. What to do, who lacks what in life. In addition, the plastic of the case is made of steel. In general, the design is very restrained, and only the antenna stands out from the external parts. And when a call or message comes in, it's hard not to notice the flickering backlight, the color of which you can choose to taste. By the way, it should be noted that in some cases, namely when you decide to wear it around your neck, you will have to show a little disrespect to it - hang it upside down, since the lanyard connector is located at the bottom of the phone.

The clamshell inside is quite stylish. The black chrome-plated panel and the unusual shape of the keyboard only add a strict flavor to it. The round navigation key distracts a little from the soft buttons, which have merged into the body and do not stand out at all. At the first acquaintance about their presence, you can guess only thanks to the colored brackets. Four rows of numeric keys, despite being close to each other, do not cause problems when typing.

Large in relation to the size of the phone, the display shows 65K colors and has a resolution of 128x160 pixels. He distinguished himself with a bright image and remained readable in the sun (the current winter).


When getting acquainted with a new phone, “our man”, first of all, inquires about the power of the vibrating alert and the volume of the sound. The 6060 can boast of these qualities. Moreover, in addition to the preset tones, the phone plays MP3 melodies. You can also install four themes, that is, background colors. In general, there are a lot of pre-installed graphic animations, images, frames and drawings, so a lover of change will definitely like changing screensavers several times a day (if, however, there is no more important thing to do).

In the "Settings" the first line is the profiles, of which there are as many as six: general, silent, meeting, on the street, My style 1 and My style 2. Below are the settings for themes, graphs, tones and images. Here you can also turn off the flickering backlight and set the content of the hot navigation keys.

The "Organizer" has an alarm clock, calendar, tasks, notes, calculator, stopwatch and timer. The menu item "Messages" contains 13 sections. It should be emphasized that there is a section where the number of sent and received messages is indicated. In addition, a folder for voice messages, e-mail, service messages, a section for deletion and, as usual, settings are separately taken out.

It is interesting that in the "Call lists" there is a folder where the addressees of all messages are indicated: to whom and when the messages were sent, as well as the volume counter, both outgoing and received, and the total.

One might get the impression that this is a frivolous phone designed for teenagers. However, there are a number of interesting business functions here, such as: voice control, commands, voice dialing, speakerphone. In addition, Presence contact lists allow you to check the availability of a subscriber before calling his number. The installed Expense Manager will help you manage your finances by keeping track of your daily expenses. Thus, you will become economical, and in a couple of three months you will see - and you have already accumulated capital.


Benefits: highlights in the interface

disadvantages: lack of wireless communications