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Review of mobile phone Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

Nokia X3-02 has a rather thin body, its thickness is only 9.6 mm, and also light weight, which is about 78 grams. The phone can easily fit in a pocket or a woman's purse. The body material is plastic, but the body, as well as the majority of Nokia phone cases, is impressive in quality, which creates an even greater feeling of confidence in the phone.

The Nokia X3-02 has a fairly user-friendly 2.4-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 240x320 pixels, providing good image and viewing quality. Of the minuses, the screen does not cope well with sunlight and does not have brightness settings. In general, it belongs to the number of fast responding resistive touch screens.

The phone in the upper part is wider than in the lower part, that is, the body narrows. Almost the entire front is occupied by the screen. Below it are 4 buttons (call key, messages, music and end of the call), which have a glossy finish. The rest of the keys are matte. The keyboard as a whole has a standard layout, easy to press, distinguishable, but the keys "0", "#", "*" are not located in their usual place, but are located on the right side of the keyboard from bottom to top.

On the back of the phone there is a 5-megapixel camera, under it is a cover for accessing the battery, made of aluminum to match the body.


When you turn on the phone, the standard S40 platform will appear on the screen, which makes touch control of the device much more interesting. But this platform often slows down when working with a touch screen (scrolling through lists). A stylus is not necessary at all, the application icons of the menu are quite large, which makes it easier to use your fingers.

Multimedia and camera:

The Nokia X3-02 has a 5MP high-resolution camera, but it lacks autofocus and flash memory. Great shots are obtained in an open and well-lit space, but it is extremely difficult to achieve such a result at close range and in poor lighting. Overall, its performance is pretty average.

The color reproduction is not entirely realistic. Photos look gray and with low contrast, especially when shooting indoors. Also, the lack of autofocus plays a significant role, lacks sharpness and clarity in the pictures.

The music player does its job perfectly well in music playback mode. The phone has a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, which I can hear quite decent sound. And the "Music" button makes it easier to access the music library.


One of the biggest selling points of the Nokia X3-02 phone is its number of connectivity options. Despite such a thin body, the phone has both a Wi-Fi module and 3G communication technologies. Bluetooth 2.1 is also installed, only the lack of GPS navigation was a little upset.

As far as internet and web browsing is concerned, the X3-02 does it pretty well. At first glance, a standard browser loads pages quickly, but this is only in the case of pages formatted for mobile viewing, as soon as you try to load a page of a standard size, it immediately starts to slow down. Scaling on such pages is also very problematic.

When working with e-mail, the phone showed its best side. It has very simple settings for Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Ovi Mail, and support for other service providers. The email client is very user-friendly and perfectly compatible with the touch screen.


Complete MP-3 player, calendar and tools, email client and more. The standard set of applications for the S40 platform.


The audibility and loudness during the conversation were free of interference or poor quality at both ends. The incoming call sound is very clear and loud.

The battery on the Nokia X3-02 is good, the phone can work for 5.3 hours of talk time and 432 hours of standby time. It's worth noting that the phone lasted more than two days with Wi-Fi turned on, which in turn was used quite frequently.

In conclusion, I would like to add that the Nokia X3-02 touch is innovative, it combines ergonomics, affordable prices and attractive style. The touch screen only enhances the usability of this device. If you are looking for a phone from which you want to manage your e-mail and use the Internet, then I recommend the Nokia X3-02.

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