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Dawn of War: Soulstorm strategy review.

Rock stars have cocaine, Poplavsky has his university dancer, and I have all the Dawn of War add-ons. This is my flaw, my inspiration, my hobby. So I woke up this morning, launched the campaign mode in Dawn of War: Soulstorm, and it remains the same "atstoy" as it was before. This morning I was trying to conquer the territory under the control of the Necrons. They won and defeated me over and over again, and I kept coming back, over and over again. But the last 2 add-ons are arguably the best games in the Warhammer 40,000 universe ever made by Relic, which also developed the original. Our game today is of the wrong field. While Relic was developing the genre through the creation of Company of Heroes, the RPG developers at Iron Lore decided to try on their laurels. You may have heard of them thanks to a less than strategic game like Titan Quest. Warning, isn't it? Considering this, it's even strange how the game turned out the way it is. It seems that the same guys from Relic did it on weekends. Here they really took over all the best from them. But I want to believe that if the game was developed by Relic, they, with their excellent design skills, would fix the campaign mode here. Dawn of War has an absolutely short and linear campaign in which you play mainly as Space Marines, which is already stupid, since even in the previous expansions in the campaign we had four races. Although it is worth noting that there are now only nine of them, but with the campaign ... So, in Soulstorm, as in Dark Crusade before, you choose a race, battle on the global map and then fight against the AI. A good idea! Now the people can play in whatever race they want, and Relic / Iron Lore have to make “home base” maps: difficult maps where you try to take over the enemy base. They are very difficult to make and "script", but worth it. I suspect you wanted to see a new mechanic as well as a more unusual storyline, since there were only 11 missions in Dawn of War, each of which could be completed in 30 minutes. Well, I can congratulate you, all this is here. However, problems arise when you conquer enemy territory. After that, they immediately try to recapture it from you, and it turns out that we are playing on the same map as before, against exactly the same opponent and with the same starting positions. You can choose the "auto option" if you did not have the opportunity to strengthen your troops, but keep in mind that the base will have to be recaptured. For example, on one side of the Imperial Fear card

controlled the same territory - I could not afford to strengthen the troops, after which I lost five times in a row. Five tedious times I had to play this "skirmish card", already, in principle, knowing how everything would happen. The first time it looked chaotic: I had to explore it to find the enemy. But on the fifth call of this boring thing, I managed to kill his workers, before they could build the barracks. Then the game became unfriendly, and I turned into a kind of Schwartz in The Running Man. I spent almost the whole day near the monitor, shouting wildly: "Where in the xr ... are you going?". Missions with bases are something new, they impress with excellent cutscenes, albeit with poorly delivered epilogues for every possible combination of victories of one race over another. And a little math: there are 72 different endings here. For a supplement, this is a record. The two new races are good. This "good" compares to "amazing" - the word I used to describe the races of Necron and Tai from the Dark Crusade. So, we have war nuns and space elves. The latter are not just some kind of off-topic concept (they have something of the Eldar and something of Chaos), they are very fast, and they are pleasant to play with. And they have great technology: the agile weapon carrier has the best special movement since the Necrons.The Dark Eldar also have a third resource to keep an eye on - magically pink souls. Not a bad idea: you need to kill someone for the resources to appear, that is, your construction units go and collect souls, and then use them to "cast" powerful spells. There are only three problems with this: you don't really need to kill anyone, our units don't quite collect souls correctly, and spells are not that powerful. The most powerful weapon in the game - a spell - does little damage in a small area and only for a short time. You will not say anything. SOULSTORMI The Sisters of Battle are armed nuns, the faction is much better. Unlike the rest, they are truly devilish. The Dark Eldar are very glamorous guys with huge hats. The sisters do believe in the burning of all who do not believe in their God. To be honest, I had no idea what the sisters would be like, but there was definitely no analogue of the Spanish Inquisition in my thoughts. They have what Dawn of War has always been famous for - each race has its own charisma. The actions of each Chaos unit on death become uncoordinated. Necrons can be wrinkled well, but hard to kill, the word "metal" suits them. And the sisters are still hot, they burn everything in their path. And if a unit does not have a flamethrower, then it probably has "melta bombs": the flamethrower is so hot that it looks more like a laser. Each skirmish fills the battlefield with massive fire, and a crazy sweep of the area begins. And here is a cool phrase from our heroine: "I have to burn one guy here, otherwise he doesn't really respect our emperor." The Sisters of Battle also have an extra resource - "Faith", which is also needed only for not so powerful spells. And it's a shame, as this resource had really good potential. But what if "Faith" were the morale of the army, would fall with every unit killed and, accordingly, would rise from each battle you won?

Earlier Relic stated that they simply cannot add such units in addition, since the engine simply will not pull them. And they were really right. There are more hovering units close to the ground than flying ones. They still open up new tactical possibilities, mainly for distraction, but the transport of most races is absolutely identical. Only Chaos has something outstanding: a unit destroys buildings, can drop a deadly virus on patrols, and stands out from other units. It's not entirely clear to me why only this one race was chosen for this unit, but the results are hard to enjoy anyway. Over time, the same problem arises in the campaign: after a certain time, you will have enough resources to quickly regroup your troops and rely on auto-filling. You can also get used to this badly done interface: to a very low-set camera and to inconvenient controls. And, as I said, this is still a bad campaign, and a completely inconvenient game to control, it does not reach Supreme Commander in this regard, BUT I want to play it. For some reason it seems to me that this will be the last addition to the modern generation of Down of War, so we will see such coveted Tyranids eaters already, probably, in Dawn of War 2. But now I am satisfied, even though this race I wanted to see it already in this add-on. If you've fought seven races in Dark Crusade, buy this game and try again - only this time with nine. However, Soulstorm has inherited all of Dark Crusade's bugs and races are not innovative.

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