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Review of the PC version of the game Gears Of War.

Everyone who follows the events of the world of the gaming industry will remember what a sensation the release of the original console version of the game Gears Of War made. Well, for those who are not interested in consoles or just for some reason missed such a significant event, let me remind you: the game appeared on the shelves and became a control shot in the head of all last year's, pardon the tautology, "shooters", since none of them couldn't compare with GoW. It is no coincidence that it was immediately put on as another console discipline at WCG. Long before the game was released, Microsoft announced its intention to publish it on the PC. But all this, as they say, is a proverb, and the tale will begin further, because now, no more, no less, a year after the release of GoW on Xbox 360, the owners of personal computers will also be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the planet Sera.

So, Sera. This is a planet very much like the Earth and even inhabited by people. True, as it turned out later, not only these, but more on that below. A brief background is as follows: people lived and lived on Sere, mined resources, even began to slowly explore space. And everything would be fine, but it just turned out that these very resources are running out, and so far there can be no talk of any colonization of other worlds. It was then that a new substance was discovered that could potentially help cope with the current crisis. But people (albeit aliens) would not have been people if they had not quarreled over the right to possess this new substance and had not started a full-scale internecine war on this basis. The war lasted for 79 years, during which none of the parties to the conflict gained a significant advantage. Then the belligerent countries realized the whole pointlessness of this protracted conflict and united into one coalition. It would seem that the golden age of Sera has come: peace and quiet. But it wasn’t there: just when no one expected, “Locust Horde” literally crawled out of the ground - mysterious creatures that outwardly are something like a hybrid of “Stroggs” from Quake and “Sarumanovs”. Orcs "from" The Lord of the Rings ". These creatures had a unique ability to appear in completely unpredictable places, because their habitat was, in fact, the earth, from which people extracted their super fuel. In addition, the onslaught of the new enemy was so strong, and the number so great that people had no choice but to collect all the survivors on the high plateau, and simply burn out the rest of the planet with orbital laser cannons. Hence the post-apocalyptic surroundings of abandoned cities. The game begins in a prison in which the main character, Marcus Phoenix, is sitting.

To be honest, at first what is happening on the screen is somewhat reminiscent of an uncomplicated interactive shooting gallery. Judge for yourself: all we do is shoot-and-hide Hollywood shootouts and dash from cover to cover. But the impression changes dramatically when it becomes clear to the player that he can no longer “just reach the checkpoint and exit”. Incredible affection is associated, first of all, with the dynamism of the action taking place on the screen. When the player is already completely bored with endless firefights, new types of enemies appear, which require a special approach. This, in the main, fuels interest.

Since I mentioned cover, I think it is worth describing the mechanics of the game now. Everything looks incredibly interesting. It is so interesting that an unprepared gamer will at first be, if not shocked, then at least surprised by the almost complete absence of the canonical elements of the "shooter" in GoW.The camera is suspended in the air above our charge, so that it is in the lower left of the screen, and there are almost no signs of the classic user interface, such as a health bar, map or crosshair. All that is on the screen is an image of a weapon that we are holding in our hands. And if the developers began to abandon the life scale back in the distant 2005th year (Peter Jackson King Kong, Call of Duty 2), then the lack of a sight is puzzling. Of course, no one removed the sight at all: we can aim by holding down the right mouse button, but moving in this case will be problematic. But it is worth playing a little, and it becomes clear that the developers will not allow us to fight "in the open field". The gameplay is structured as follows: we hide behind some fallen column and periodically shoot, choosing the right moment to look out of cover. Painful shock, although it passes, but much longer than in the same COD, besides, a very small number of hits can turn us into a cold corpse. It is for this reason that it is so important to choose the right shelter and change them in time. The so-called "active recharge" is also quite remarkable. If, in the process of changing the magazine, you press the reload key a second time at the moment when the indicator in the upper right corner of the screen moves to the white zone, then the weapon is not only instantly charged, but also begins to inflict more damage.

Management deserves special attention. This is quite unusual, but this representative of console games, transferred from the Gamepad to the keyboard and mouse, has not lost in the ease of manipulation. Judge for yourself: on the keyboard we use the standard WASD set, but with one small caveat. There is a multifunctional Space key, which is responsible for both the choice of cover and for jumping over obstacles, coupled with jumps and somersaults. The mouse is traditionally responsible for aiming and choosing the direction of movement. In general, everything is "like people." And, of course, squad management. Everything is ridiculously simple: we hold down one button, after which we press another - and that's it, the order to the squad has been given! A bit like Rainbow Six: Vegas, right?

Epic Games has always been considered the leader in the graphics technology market (try to remember the more popular engines than Unreal 2 and now Unreal 3!), And Gears Of War has lived up to the wildest hopes of the players in this regard. Unreal Engine 3, used in this game for the first time, clearly demonstrated what the next generation graphics should actually be. You will not surprise anyone with highly polygonal models, high-resolution textures, motion blur and convincing animation, but Gears Of War can melt the heart of even the most picky aesthetic skeptic - the picture looks so beautiful on the screen. That there are only concrete crumbs falling from the wall when your character crashes into it with a mighty shoulder, or a giant spider-like monster that appears from the ground where your helicopter just stood! Only happy owners of video cards with support for DirectX 10 can fully enjoy the beauty of GOW, although the game looks quite decent on the ninth render. Sci-fi is reflected not only in the plot: it is to him that we owe the most beautiful architectural structures and bright colorful, but by no means annoying surroundings. There is absolutely no diversity here, and cruelty can be traced in everything. The characters are typical "tough guys" in armor suits, with fierce expressions on their square faces. Blood splatters from a crumbled chainsaw head of a monster on the screen, a cloud of dust from a piece of reinforcement falling behind your back and a monumental column scattering from the impact of a berserker - all these are Gears Of War.

The local sound amazes with the richness of effects, convincing actors' voices and simply phenomenally organically fit into the gameplay music. In one word - the ideal, otherwise you can not say.The lines that our squad members use from time to time are something that sometimes provokes fits of laughter, but sometimes makes you think seriously. Imagine the situation: we want to call for reinforcements, but for this we need to use the radio. One of the squad members turns on this simple device, and we hear only interference. Then he says: “Military equipment. It always works. "

An important detail that adds another reason to buy a game is the multi-player. The multiplayer game includes five modes: Warzone, Assassination, Execution, Annex, and King of The Hill. We have at our disposal about twenty of the most diverse maps, so the network battles are unlikely to get boring quickly. In addition, there is a cooperative passage (without which, by the way, it is quite difficult to kill the last boss).

In conclusion, I would like to add that Gears Of War does not match any of these console "shooters". Moreover, we have not seen such a high-quality adaptation of the game from consoles to personal computers for a long time. The developers clearly did not play the "fool" over the past year and made us happy with an almost perfect game. And yet (in secret), a new episode appeared in the PC version of GoW, which was not seen by the "consoles". It fits perfectly into the plot and extends the enjoyment of the game for another hour or two. Play Gears Of War, this shooter is truly a must have.

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