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Nokia 7380 review

Nokia 7380 is the oldest in the L'Amoure collection and is made in an interesting form factor - similar to the 7280 from the Art Deco series. This is no longer just a mobile phone, but a part of the image. None of the manufacturers have a terminal in such an original form factor. The main focus here is on design and sensuality. In general, the device is not for gray everyday life, but for a glamorous lifestyle.

Display mirror

The appearance of the phone makes the looks of both men and women freeze. Its shape resembles a small parallelepiped with rounded corners.

It is not immediately possible to understand where the display is, and the moment when the mirror on the front panel turns into a screen is impressive even for those who have already encountered such a solution.

There is a SIM card slot on one of the side surfaces. On the other, there is a small label similar to those that are familiar to us from clothes. This is a trademark of all the devices in the L'Amoure collection. The developers paid special attention to the design of the case. Several materials are involved at once: fabric, leather, metal and ceramics. The rear panel, trimmed with faux leather, houses the lens of a 2-megapixel camera and a flash. On the side there is an external speaker for playing polyphonic melodies, it is covered with a fine metal mesh. The lower end contains a small ledge with a hole for attaching a strap. The dimensions of the phone are convenient for work (114x30x20 mm), it fits well in the hand, and the weight of the Nokia 7380 is only 80 grams.

The unusual shape also required a non-standard display resolution - 104x208 pixels. Here, the horizontal orientation of the screen is used, which means that the device itself must be held horizontally. The display shows 65 thousand colors and despite the mirror surface, the image on it really looks bright - the picture is clear and contrasting.


All navigation in the phone is carried out using the Nokia Navi wheel, in the middle of which there is a button for accessing the menu. It is made of transparent material and glows amber when the screen backlight is turned on. In addition to it, only four keys are available - two for receiving and canceling a call and two functional. They are located around the navigation wheel in the form of two semicircles. The main question for the Nokia 7380 is how to dial phone numbers using such controls? Although at the seeming complexity everything is very simple - in the main menu there is a separate item "Dialing". Entering it, you will see a block of numbers at the bottom of the display. You can navigate between them using the same navigation wheel, and confirm your choice by pressing the center button. One of the function keys is assigned to launch a quick menu, where you can include frequently used sections.

To lock the keypad, press the menu access button and then the call acceptance key. Unlocking is the same. In the settings it is possible to activate lighting effects: continuous blinking of the button located in the middle of the navigation wheel, and the LED on the upper end of the device.

Another important question is whether it is comfortable to use such a keyboard. It is difficult to answer unequivocally, although in our opinion it all depends on how actively the phone is used. Writing text messages is not very convenient - you have to scroll through the entire alphabet to select each letter. Dialing a number is also not a great pleasure. Rather, this decision was made for reasons of aesthetics. All buttons are made of rubberized material. It is convenient - hands do not slip off of them. And yet it is difficult to shake off the impression that although the keyboard looks attractive, it is inconvenient to use - beautiful but impractical.

There are 11 items in the main menu (if you count together with the service section, which is stored on the SIM card). It is presented in the form of animated icons. Due to the small size of the display, only one section is displayed at a time. Basically, the organization of the menus is the same as in other Nokia models, and it's pretty easy to get used to the new way of navigating. It is also worth noting not only the image, but also the entertaining (this is fun) role of the navigation wheel.


One of the 7380's main multimedia features is the built-in 2MP camera. It can only be activated through the main menu. To take pictures, you must press the button located in the middle of the navigation wheel. The maximum photo size is 1600x1200 pixels, but due to the small screen resolution it is difficult to objectively assess its quality. But this can be done by transferring the image to a computer. A Bluetooth connection allows you to connect your phone to a PC. The camera shutter sound is muted if desired. Video clips can be recorded with or without sound in 3GP format, the maximum frame size is 176x144 pixels.

The phone has 52 megabytes of memory, which is enough to store about an hour of music. The player's capabilities are pleasantly surprising. At full volume, the Nokia 7380 sounds so that if you put it at one end of an ordinary three-room apartment, it will be perfectly heard in the other, so the speakers are great, but there is also the possibility of playing through Bluetooth headphones. The user can play in random order, constant repetition of one song or all loaded into the playlist. When receiving songs via Bluetooth, the device will offer to save them in one of the gallery folders, and any of them can be used as a ringtone. There is a synthesizer of 64-voice polyphonic melodies, and besides the player, there is also an FM receiver.

The package (by the way, the phone comes in a special square tin box decorated with ornaments) includes a charger, a stereo headset and a special strap.