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HOW TO CHOOSE A STEAMER - which steamer is better, steamer or iron, reviews

The steamer generates steam, which penetrates the fabric fibers, softens and straightens them. It works simply: you pour water into the tank, turn on the device and in a matter of seconds it is ready to work. Steam does not shine or burn out the fabric. This device is convenient for steaming capricious silk, polyester and complex cut items - with ruffles, sequins, folds and flounces.

It is better to fill the device with distilled or filtered water. Scale builds up inside the appliance from the tap. It is troublesome to take her out. Some models are equipped with Anti-Calc function. It will protect the device from limescale, and clothes from white stains. When the time comes to clean the appliance, the indicator flashes. Then you need to rinse the boiler thoroughly. This is not a tricky operation, but the service life of the device increases several times.

Which steamer is better

There are two types of devices: floor-standing and hand-held.

  • Manual (road) models are compact, but only suitable for business trips. Their running time is measured in minutes. For a manual apparatus with a tank volume of 200 ml, the work time is 15 minutes. This is enough for steaming 2-3 items.
  • Professional (floor) devices have impressive dimensions. And a capacious tank of 1.5-2 liters. They work for hours. They can be steamed in an upright position, with continuous steam or with a steam boost. Steam accumulates, and when the required pressure is reached, it breaks out. But the hot attack lasts a couple of minutes, then the steamer operates in constant steam mode. For him to gain strength for the next "volley" will have to wait.

How to choose a garment steamer

The power and the amount of steam delivered per minute are important characteristics when choosing a steamer. Only powerful models can give results at all pairs.

  • Those up to 1000 W consume up to 20 ml of water per minute. The steam flow is too low. Such appliances spit and stain clothes.
  • A real hard worker has higher parameters. Devices with a power of 2000 W or more produce 30-55 ml of steam per minute. This is ideal steaming comfortably.

It is good if the iron is ceramic or metal. Plastic deforms from high temperatures. The heating function of the iron will keep it from spitting. And hot dry steam steams better. This is especially important for heavy fabrics - drape, wool and knitwear.

The longer the hose, the easier it is to use the appliance. And yes, if the hose is of medium length, then the iron is not equipped with heating. Consequently, the unit emits wet steam. After steaming, things will have to be dried.

A nice addition - a set of accessories included.

  • The fabric brush reveals the weave of the thread. The steam will penetrate deeper into the tissue structure.
  • The cleaning pad perfectly removes lint and wool.
  • A heat-resistant glove will protect your hand from burns.

Steamer or iron

The steamer is not a substitute for an iron. He will not take overdried things from dense fabrics. But it is ideal for fur products.

The iron is irreplaceable if you iron bed linen. But with a steamer, there is no risk of leaving marks on the silk blouse. Or shiny spots on your trousers. Steam treatment does not deform the fibers of the fabric, which means that your favorite sweater will look like new for longer.

But steaming a shirt a minute before going out is not good. After processing, things are damp. You can't put it on right away and you can't put it in a closet. It takes time to dry out.

And yes, handheld steamers are heavy and stationary steamers take up a lot of space.

So, iron or steamer - which is better.


+ for ironing bed linen

+ perfect aiming arrows

+ smoothes any fabric

+ for steaming curtains and tulle

+ does not burn things

+ easily copes with ruffles, applique, sequins

+ easy to perfect complex cuts

- things shine, the risk of leaving marks

- risk of burning through thin fabric

- you need to wait for things to dry out

- the manual model is enough for a few things

- professional model is bulky

Steamer or steam generator

First, let's figure out how the steam generator differs from the steamer.

Steam generator - iron with powerful steam. Its "volley" is 2-3 times stronger than in a steamer. Steam shock speed from 100 g / min at a temperature of 140-160 ° C. The quilt cover is folded four times and can be ironed in one stroke.

The steam generator really simplifies life if mountains of crumpled linen are your reality, and the sight of the ironing board already twitches your eye. Cons: generating a large amount of steam is not complete without noise, and the room will briefly turn into a sauna.

The summary table will help you decide which is better - a steamer or a steam generator.

SteamerSteam generator
  • Gentle for delicate fabrics.
  • It is convenient to iron clothes with decorative details.
  • Steam refreshes and disinfects things.
  • You can tidy up your clothes without removing them from the hanger. No need to reach and unfold the ironing board.
  • Powerful steam flow smoothes fabrics of any complexity.
  • Ironing is accelerated at times.
  • You can steam both on the ironing board and on the hanger.
  • Will not overcome folds on dense and natural fabrics.
  • Most models only work in an upright position.
  • Most models only work in an upright position.
  • Dimensional.

Garment steamer: reviews

Svetlana, review of the Philips GC440 / 47 StyleTouch Pure: "It is not a substitute for an iron. Jeans and warm shirts cannot be brought into perfect condition. But for light summer clothes it is suitable. Handles synthetics much better than natural fabrics».

Irina in a review of the Clatronic TDC 3432 steamer: “It smoothes linen, knitted, terry fabrics well.

Convenient to iron the dyed jerseys. She doesn’t slip.

A pleated skirt does not leave marks on the seams, as when ironing with a regular iron.

It happens that not all the water turns into steam, the drops fall on the clothes. "

Goncharuk Natalia about Magio MG-324: "I tested it on different shirts, and steamed a fur coat, and a dress made of combined fabrics, and chiffon tulle. Steams everything instantly, much faster and more efficiently than with a regular iron. Especially tulle!».

Note: "How and what to clean the iron from scale and carbon deposits"

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