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How to choose a hair straightener - how to choose the right hair straightening iron, which one to choose

  • Plate material
  • Plate width
  • Form and type of plate attachment
  • Clearance between plates
  • Maximum temperature and thermostat
  • Heating time to maximum temperature
  • Additional attachments
  • Pleasant trifles

Not sure how to choose a straightening and curling iron? F. ua will figure it out with you.

Hair straightener: how to choose?

Unlike a hair dryer, in which a powerful stream of air destroys the hair scales, an iron, on the contrary, straightens the strand - presses them. Therefore, base your choice of hair straightener primarily on the coating of the plates. A good surface finish won't burn your hair.

To know which hair straightener to choose, consider the following:

  • the ceramic coating distributes heat evenly over the surface. With such tongs, simply straighten the strands. The iron glides smoothly and does not burn them. This is like a safety effect in ceramic dishes (housewives know), which is not afraid of exposure to high temperatures, it is reliable and durable;
  • Teflon plates glide easily over the strand. Do not stick to the forceps, even if the vortices are treated with cosmetics;
  • the marble coating has a cooling effect, neutralizing the hot temperature of the plates. For those with weak and split ends, this spray is optimal;
  • Tourmaline coating combines the qualities of Teflon and marble coating. Perfectly removes static electricity;
  • the metal coating burns through the hair due to the fact that the metal conducts heat unevenly. If you often use a straightener, be sure to apply hair care cosmetics to the strands;
  • titanium coating - reliable and durable. It is used for professional styling, since the plates have increased smoothness (compared to ceramics). They reduce friction and keep damage to the curls to a minimum.

Additional features of the hair straightener

Hair styling devices have a number of additional attachments and functions, for which you will have to pay extra. The iron, in addition to the straightening nozzle, can make horizontal or vertical curls.

Professional models with ionization give the hair shine, making it smooth and silky. This is due to negatively charged ions that close the hair scales, removing their magnetization.

The overheating protection (just like the thermostat) prevents overheating, allowing you to choose the best option for your hair type:

  • low temperatures (145-165 ° C) - for clarified, colored or thin,
  • medium temperatures (170-180 ° C) - for normal,
  • high temperatures (190-200 ° C) - for thick and hard.

It is convenient to use an iron with a display, because the heating temperature of the plates is displayed on the screen.

What is the best plate width?

The choice of a hair straightener for the width of the plates depends on the characteristics of the strands. The longer and thicker, the wider the plate:

  • 2-2.5 cm - if the length of the hair reaches the shoulders,
  • 2.5-3 cm - not dense, reaching the shoulder blades,
  • 3-4 cm - thick and up to the shoulder blades,
  • 7-8 cm - for long and thick hair.

Now you know how to choose the right hair straightener. Share your impressions of your rectifier with us in reviews on the website or on social networks.

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