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WHAT TO GIVE A CHILD FOR 5 YEARS - what to give a girl and a boy for 5 years

We used to think that toys should be useful and useful. And we are missing the main thing - toys should be welcome! This is really important, so we present you a rating of bombshell toys in the style of "lip - not stupid".

Sphero SPRK + droid

The Sphero transparent robot ball is programmable for different tasks through the Lightning Lab app.

He drives at a speed of up to 2 m / s, swims, and most importantly - falls and does not break. And not a single scratch! The range of Bluetooth SMART is up to 30 meters.

Watch the video of what the nimble Sphero is capable of

Radio-controlled car Maisto Rock Crawler

Maneuverable and passable everywhere, Maisto Rock Crawler accelerates to 6 km / h and can effectively "drift" to the delight of little Vin Diesel. She easily takes steps, stones, boxes, driftwood and curbs. On one charge, you can mercilessly drive for an hour. Charge longer - 4 hours.

In general, if your boy is 5 years old, you figured out what to do to make him happy.

Elena recommends this machine to children from three years old: “She's all - sheer dignity! Very reliable performance, high-quality assembly. The car is really an all-terrain vehicle - if the obstacle is not higher than its bumper ... Good size, not small, but not bulky either. The charge is enough for more than an hour of constant skiing - that's a lot! And her speed is not very low, not racing, of course, but for a crawler it drives great. Maneuverable, “obeys the steering wheels” well, even my three-year-old daughter can easily control it. When we go out with her - all our children, and not only children. And at home, she is popular with all family members without an age limit.».

Watch the video review of the Maisto Rock machine

Constructor Cobi Tank

Not just a construction set made of plastic, but a real Cobi Tank with rotating wheels and movable mechanisms. Inside the tank - realistic details, outside - all the elements of equipment (sandbags, shovel, etc.), opening hatches and a movable muzzle. This sight is definitely worth the time spent on assembling the tank. If your little one gets a taste, complement the toy with a collection of toy soldiers that are sold separately.

Synthesizer Casio LK-135K7

The digital Casio LK-135K7 is intuitive for learning to play the synthesizer.

  • The notes are turned over automatically.
  • The blue and red key illumination indicates which key to press with the right and left hand.

The number of preset melodies is 70, and 50 of them are dance tunes. The tool is configured with one touch. Powered by mains or six AA batteries. Automatically turns off after half an hour from the last touch of the keys.

Watch the video review of Casio LK-135

Robot Jia Qi Troopers Violent

The Jia Qi Troopers Violent transforming robot transforms into a radio-controlled car and vice versa on command from the control panel. A great piece for those who like interactive toys.

A bright sports car with sound and light effects and realistic body detailing - even a phlegmatic guy will be delighted with this.

Watch the video of the bombing series of transforming robots Jia Qi Troopers Violent

Quadcopter Syma X22W

The dream of the future Spielberg. Syma takes home videos to the next level. A compact (142x142x31 mm) drone shoots from a bird's eye view (up to 4.5 km). It works in several modes:

  • gradually moving away from the object to a height;
  • surveys, moving back and forth between two specified points;
  • cuts circles around the hero,
  • records video from a height in a given direction.

You can simply draw a route on your smartphone screen with your fingertips using the Syma Go app. The drone will automatically pass it.

See what the X22W is capable of

What to give a girl for 5 years

Do not ignore the surroundings when giving a gift to a girl for 5 years.My daughter, waking up on her birthday, found a lot of balloons by the bed and hugged them until the eldest son joked that the balloons were "hidden" gifts. However, it is better not to save on gifts.

Hasbro Fur Real Friend Kitten

Cheerful kitten Kami is exactly like a real one: it meows, reacts to touch, walks, eats and even visits the toilet. Only, unlike a live fluffy, it does not rage in the spring.

Such a gift will not only be fun for the child, it will teach you how to take care of animals. The kit includes a leash, toy food, and a special cleaning bag for the pet.

Look at the funny cat Kami

Portable speaker Air Music 2.0 Pulse

Girls love to play performers. So give them a drive with AIR MUSIC PULSE LED speakers. It reproduces deep and high quality sound. I just want to turn on the music louder in combination with the various glow of the built-in LEDs.

The column has 8 backlight modes. It can be used as a night light. With such an interesting lamp, the little one will not be afraid of the dark.

Watch the video review of the Air Pulse column

Droid Sphero Mini Pink

With the funny robot Sphero Mini you will not get bored at the junction of the real and virtual worlds. He reacts to smiles and facial expressions, focuses on nodding his head, raising his eyebrows and opening his mouth.

Race him on different surfaces, order him to jump over irregularities and dodge obstacles. A nimble ball "with a bang" competes with other robots and teases pets. It pleases with glow and tints of different colors. So don't limit your baby's imagination. She will be interested!

Bobblehead Zapf Baby Born

Girls 5 years old love to play mothers and daughters. Present them with Zapf Baby Born or similar dolls that mimic a "real" baby. Such a doll will be desired and loved even if it is the forty-fifth in a row. And all because the baby doll knows how to drink from a bottle, eat porridge, cry real tears and even wet a diaper.

It is more interesting to play when a little mother teaches her daughter to the potty, lulls her and bathes her. The kit contains everything you need when caring for a baby: a plate with a spoon, a diaper, a pacifier with a clothespin, a pot, a feeding bottle, a bag of porridge, an ID card and bracelets.

See how fun it is to play with Baby Born

USB LED Stencil A4

A five-year-old child is still that dreamer! So develop his imagination in the "new" style - present an LED stencil. It is like a regular sheet of paper from an album, only plastic.

Connects via USB to a computer or tablet. Any drawing can be copied exactly to the line on it. It helps to paint even in the dark. The young artist will be delighted with such a device!

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See how convenient it is to redraw on an LED stencil