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Dead pixel on phone, monitor - how to remove dead pixel

A “dead pixel” is a defect in the screen in the form of a dot, which does not change color when the image on the monitor changes.

There are three types of broken pixels:

  • white point on a dark background;
  • dark point on a white background;
  • colored point (usually red)

The “broken” pixel of the second type cannot be eliminated. The first and the third can and should be fought. However, if you have not bought a monitor yet, then you can check for "broken" pixels before buying. This is done using the Nokia Test Monitor program.

The test is run through a full cycle to display all colors. You just need to carefully monitor the image on the monitor. If defects are found, it is better to ask for another monitor. It is advisable to check the screen even when you buy a laptop or smartphone from your hands.

Checking the monitor for dead pixels

Broken pixels may appear after a while. Unfortunately, if there are one or two of them, then not all service centers will help you, especially if the warranty has already passed. You need to act on your own. There are two ways to fix the problem:

  • software,
  • mechanical.

In the first case, we use the free Bad Crystal program. In a given area, the program changes colors with a high frequency, which makes the pixels work in an enhanced mode. Typically, 10 minutes of work is enough for each of the pixels. In advanced cases, you should leave the program to run for several hours in intensive mode. It will not harm the display.

If this does not help, then we will resort to the mechanical method. With light circular motions, we wipe the area of ​​the screen with the broken pixel, observing two conditions.

  • First, you cannot do this with your finger or a hard object. The best to use is a cotton swab or a felt-tip pen cap.
  • Secondly, during the procedure, the monitor must be turned off. After completing the procedure, turn on the computer and conduct Nokia Monitor Test.

Checking your smartphone for dead pixels

Smartphones can also be checked for broken pixels. Take a snapshot of a dark object and then carefully examine the resulting screenshot. For accurate diagnostics, it is recommended to use special programs. For example, for models running on Android OS, the Androud Screen Test is applied.

For iOS devices, you can follow the procedure below. We hold down the shutdown button and the "Home" button, so a screenshot of the screen will be taken. Then we open the picture with this screenshot and check for broken pixels by looking for points that differ from the ones closest to them.

For the treatment of "broken" pixels on smartphones, you can also use the Bad Crystal program.

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