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HOW TO CHOOSE A GUITAR - how does an acoustic guitar differ from a classical one, which one to buy for a beginner

The classical guitar has two features:

  • wide neck (German Griff - handle, grip), which excludes accidental touching of the strings. It helps you master the correct placement of your fingers, and makes it easier to play chords;
  • and soft nylon strings for a velvety, deeply refined sound.

The guitar has good timbre and rich sound. In addition to the classical repertoire, Spanish and Brazilian music (bossa nova, sambo) is played on it. As well as jazz, flamenco and other styles.

Optimal guitar choice for beginners: Yamaha CS40, Cort AC100 OP, Ibanez GA15 NT.

The acoustic guitar is different in shape. She has metal strings and a narrow neck. The strings fit closer to the neck than on the classic. They sound louder and louder.

  • The tapered neck makes playing easier.
  • Metallic strings deliver vibrant highs.
  • You can play with your fingers and a pick:
    • solo, better with fingers;
    • in the ensemble - a mediator. Thus, the chords from the rock ballad losses sound good. Also blues, fringey style and country.
  • String lifts can be done.

The best models to know how to choose a guitar for a beginner are Yamaha F370, Epiphone DR-100 NT, Yamaha F310.

You need to learn the game on the one that suits your favorite style of music. Playing rock on a classical instrument is like learning French in order to speak English. But metal strings in addition to pain provoke calluses in beginners. Therefore, musicians are advised to learn to play the classical guitar. Nylon strings are finger-friendly despite the fact that the distance from the strings to the neck is longer and you will have to grip them harder.

Watch the video, which is better - acoustic or classical guitar

How to choose a guitar for beginners

For a beginner, the shape of the body, color and sound of the instrument do not really matter. What really matters is convenience. Take the guitar in your hands, sit down with it - if it's comfortable, then you will succeed in learning to play it.

  • Inspect the guitar: The instrument must be free from chips of varnish and cracks on the deck.
  • Check the gluing quality: if there are any gaps or gaps.
  • Look along the neck: it should be straight, not concave.
  • Slide your fingers along the ends of the frets: they shouldn't cling. If not comfortable, you can cut yourself in the future.

Veneer guitars are cheaper than solid wood guitars. They are more often chosen for training. Such models sound very decent. But from a solid array, the instrument makes a sound richer and richer.

The main element of the guitar that makes up the sound is the top deco. Often on classical and acoustic guitars, it is made from Sitka spruce. She makes a melodious sound - loud, clear and sonorous. For more expensive models, the top is made of Engelmann spruce, red spruce or cedar. The latter has an enveloping soft sound.

In the formation of sound, the backboard and shell are also of great importance. They are made from mahogany or rosewood.

  • Rosewood is an expensive and beautiful tree. It is dark brown with coffee veins. And it sounds richer and deeper.
  • Mahogany speakers sound sharper and more piercing. It stands out well in the ensemble.

How to choose a guitar

Whichever guitar you choose, you still have to compare. An instrument never sounds the same, even if they are instruments made from similar materials and from the same company. Be sure to try playing before deciding which guitar is best.

Which strings are better

The thickness of the strings is measured in inches and ranges from 8 to 13 mm. The standard caliber on an acoustic guitar is 0.12 ″.If you are playing Fingle Style, it is better to use the thinner ones, they cut your fingers less.

Under no circumstances should you put nylon strings on an acoustic guitar and vice versa. These guitars have different internal devices:

  • in an acoustic, the top holds a strong tension on metal strings;
  • the classical guitar has soft strings. If you change them, the sound quality will deteriorate, the instrument will be deformed.
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Watch the video on how to choose a good guitar