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WHAT TO GIVE ON MARCH 8 - what to give mom on March 8, girlfriend and wife

Flowers for mom - of course, but a gift for March 8 needs a special one: practical, beautiful, giving warmth and comfort.

These things will appeal to those who love to cook and care about proper nutrition.

Grilled waffle makers and sandwich makers

Here it is - the ideal device that in a matter of minutes prepares hot sandwiches, fries meat well and bakes aromatic cookies. It is not troublesome to tinker with it.

  • His electronic brains have the optimal food programs.
  • Nothing sticks to the non-stick coating and is easy to clean.
  • Excess fat flows into the drip tray. Grilled steaks and vegetables "reach" in their own juice. The pallet is easy to remove and clean.
  • And yes! - some models themselves measure the thickness of the pieces, adjust the temperature and cooking time. Mom will appreciate such a gift!


Just think how many times you had to throw away spoiled food. And in a vacuum, they stay fresh for up to eight times longer. This saves vitamins and nutrients.

The compact vacuum drawer does not take up much space in the kitchen, but it will come in handy in many situations:

  • for accelerated marinating of products;
  • for cooking meat, fish and vegetables using the sous-vide method (cooking in a vacuum);

  • the adhesion prevents frostburn of vegetables and fruits during freezing. Double seam seals securely. It will not open up on its own.

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Classics - for family and loved ones. The pressure cooker will bake, stew, fry, and even make yogurt. Meals are prepared with little or no oil. They are juicier and richer than on the stove. And retain nutrients.

The sore question: "What to cook?" will remain in the past. Includes a book with available recipes for every day.

Silicone baking mat

First-class thing in the kitchen. It is convenient to knead, roll out the dough and bake on a silicone mat without adding oil. It will last for years, unlike parchment or foil.

  • Ready-made baked goods are easy to remove without the risk of sticking.
  • Baking trays and molds remain clean and free of deposits.
  • Silicone does not absorb odors and is easy to clean.
  • Heat-resistant, can withstand up to + 240 ° С.

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Baking dish

Mom's baked goods are the food of the gods. In a ceramic mold, it will be even tastier. Where are the newfangled tartars and strudels there ?!

Ceramics is a time-tested material. It does not emit harmful substances and does not react with food. It warms up slowly but evenly, so the dishes come out like from an oven.

This is a profitable present: you are a beautiful shape for your mother, she is another culinary masterpiece for you.

Heating pads

Although March 8 is a spring holiday, it is still a long way from the onset of warmth. These gifts will warm mom and delight the eye.

In the off-season, when it's damp and chilly, a foot warmer, an electric sheet or a blanket is a real salvation. They provide comfortable warmth and do not overheat. Electronic sensors in each heating zone operate in several modes and automatically turn off after 12 hours.

Thanks to the detachable cable, electric blankets and sheets can be washed at room temperature 30 ° C.

It may seem to some that the idea of ​​giving a foot warmer is a commonplace. But not in the case of my mother. The device not only warms the legs, but also accelerates blood circulation, and with it metabolic processes in the body. The secret is in the built-in Shiatsu massage function (translated from Japanese as "finger pressure"). It relaxes and relieves tired legs.


For a mother, a balm for the soul is a chic bedding set.Even if he is 101 in a row, she will be pleased. Satin and linen - practical and durable, this is a plus! But choose a chic set for her so that she lies down and wakes up in bed, like in an expensive hotel.

  • Jacquard - royal. A beautiful pattern, a special interweaving of cotton and silk threads with elements of openwork embroidery turn linen into a work of art. The fabric is silky to the touch, but soft and dense. Does not slide off the body and does not float.

  • The bamboo fabric is fluid and delicate. She, like two drops, is similar to silk, but more affordable in price. Silk linen is slippery and uncomfortable, while bamboo is smooth and gives the pleasure of a cool touch.

  • Jersey underwear is never cold. The fabric is airy and incredibly comfortable. Sleeping on a jerry means to feel an unprecedented pleasure from sleep.

Electric foot file

Removes calluses and rough skin, leaving the feet silky smooth. It is not necessary to steam your feet, the file's grinding attachment exfoliates horniness even from dry and neglected heels.

What to give my wife on March 8

If the phone has already been presented, clothes and jewelry - you are worried that it will not fit, then here is our advice. Listen at least half an ear to what your spouse is talking about. Sooner or later, she will mention some thing that she lacks for complete happiness. When the X hour comes, you will have something to please her.

Well, if you missed such a moment, catch our ideas. Surely, your faithful will like them.


Not the most romantic gift, but what a practical one! British scientists have calculated that, on average, in her entire life, a hostess washes a mountain of dishes as high as the Big Ben tower (96 meters!), And spends about a year and three months at the sink. Arrange the gift as extreme care. Your beloved will reward you a hundredfold, and the cost of the present will more than pay off in a year.

Dishwashers use every drop with care. Fast heating, intelligent water distribution, powerful pump and intelligent filtration systems in the compartment do a good job: 14 sets of dishes are washed with just ten liters at an average energy consumption of 0.6 kW / h for the economy program.


An original gift for March 8, because the photoepilator is not a torture machine. It does not tear hairs like a conventional epilator, but discolors them and stops growth. Long lasting and painless.

  • A pulse of light penetrates the hair follicle and destroys it.
  • The light energy is absorbed by the melanin in the hair and inhibits hair growth.

But if your beloved is dark or blonde, this device will not work for her. It is only effective on light skin and dark hairs.

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Curling irons, stylers and hair tongs

Be sure your wife will find a use for them. Even if you are crazy about her curls, humble yourself if she straightens them. And yes, on the contrary, everything works too.

  • Give your sweetheart with straight strands a curling iron. She will curl playful curls.

  • With the help of a styler, persistent curls are obtained. And symmetrical, swirling left or right. The protective petals of the device and the ceramic and keratin coating do not overheat the hair. Perfect styling.
  • It is easy to create tight curls with tongs. Fortunately, the device is equipped with a clip securing the strand and a spiral guide (not in all models).

Smart watch or fitness bracelet

Even if the spouse's jogging is limited only to the nearest store, she will find a use for them.

  • Smart pedometer shows the time.
  • Counts the number of steps and the distance traveled per day.
  • Tracks the number of calories burned.
  • Keeps track of how long it took to sleep.

The wristband is soft and flexible to fit any hand. It can be worn around the clock and does not chafe the wrist. The stylish design of the device can be combined with both a sports uniform and a cocktail dress.

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Sexy toys

A regular sex life is good, but monotonous. Sometimes you need to change something. Moreover, women love surprises, including sexy ones. She will be "behind" hands and feet if you together try a tube of lubricant or an intricate sex toy on your bed. Believe me, she will appreciate it.

Electronic book

A library in your pocket is the best gift for your beloved on March 8, if life loses its colors without a new novel or detective story.

Printed books are a luxury these days, and it is not always convenient to carry a heavy volume with you. The e-book weighs up to 180 grams and will fit even in a clutch. Depending on the model, its memory holds from 2,000 to 12,000 pieces.

The background of the screen is similar to paper and is safe for eyesight during long reading. You can comfortably read small print and study complex charts and graphs. The display does not glare in the sun. The brightness of the backlight is adjustable to make it comfortable to “swallow pages” in any light.

The reader supports, on average, 17-19 book and four graphic formats - JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF. You can choose any and, without wasting time, start reading. Preinstalled dictionaries in several languages ​​will help you deal with incomprehensible terminology.

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What to give a girl on March 8

Of course, they don't look a gift horse in the mouth, but you are not going to bring it to your beloved on March 8, are you? So we think so. Therefore, you will demonstrate that you have studied her addictions and let her feel all the solemnity of the moment.

Erotic lingerie

Sexy lace lingerie is a trick present. It's like a gift for her: she will wear a sophisticated outfit, but you will admire and take off it.

  • The erotic set is as if woven from light cloudy lace. In it, she will feel like a goddess, confident in herself and in her beauty.
  • A tight corset will only emphasize the figure of your beloved. By pulling it down, it will be more attractive and desirable.
  • Fishnet stockings and tights are harmoniously combined with sexy lingerie. They are decorated with a non-catchy fantasy pattern, they look elegant and graceful. This is a great gift for everyday wear and for a special occasion.

Turn the head of your woman with your attention and care for her, then your sex will become truly enchanting.

Eyelash curler

Curls, separates and lengthens cilia in seconds. Runs on batteries, heats up instantly and, most importantly, does not pluck them out!

Your beloved will always have an expressive look. And it's worth a lot!


Whisk the milk with steam, you still need to get the hang of it: hurry - the foam is weak; overexposed - the milk is overheated and gives off a boiled taste.

  • A hand whisk will turn out as it should - a thick cloud, like a barista in a coffee shop.
  • The stationary cappuccino maker prepares perfect milk froth - both hot and cold. The milk will also warm up.


Auger, centrifugal or citrus - she will be pleased to receive a boost of energy every day. Especially in the spring, when vitamin deficiency is deprived of strength.

  • The centrifugal juicer is more powerful. Twists like a beast, but the cake leaves wet at the exit.
  • The auger works more slowly, so it grinds each molecule to squeeze out even more juice.

You can choose any consistency of the drink: from refreshing transparent to thicker, containing a lot of pulp. And get 1.5-2.5 liters of juice at a time until the waste container is full.


If you are determined to further develop the relationship, give her jewelry. Silver and gold chain or bracelet without further ado tell you about the strength of your feelings. Especially if the shape of the insert is in the form of a heart, princess or cushion.

Earrings or a ring will be a welcome and valuable gift for her. Do not miss the size with the latter.

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