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HOW TO CHOOSE AN ELECTRIC GRILL - which electric grill to choose for your home, a grill pan or an electric grill

The Electric Grill is an expert in grilling steaks with precise temperature control. Strong, medium or bloody - you decide. Even if you don't know how to cook, you can make everything delicious. Both surfaces heat up quickly, the heat does not change while the dish is being cooked. The flat surface creates an appetizing crust, while the ribbed surface creates classic stripes. The meat is cooked on both sides, therefore, the cooking time is reduced and the maximum useful properties of the product are preserved.

The main thing when choosing an electric grill.


Varies from 400 to 4400 W. The more, the faster the dish takes on a golden brown crust with stripes and does not lose its juiciness. Some models are equipped with two independent heating elements. On one you can quickly fry, on the other "bring" to a condition at a low temperature.

Adjustable angle of inclination of working plates of the device

Not in all models, but it's convenient:

  • juice and fat flow down when you cook meat or fish - they contain a minimum of carcinogens. The optimum tilt angle is 7 °;
  • nothing burns, does not smoke;
  • this trick makes cleaning the unit a lot easier.

Electric grill body

  • Models made of plastic are lighter and easier to carry. Thanks to the protective coating, the plastic does not heat up or melt at high temperatures. They are cheaper in cost than metal coated.
  • From stainless steel - the standard of quality factor and quality.

Built-in roast level sensor

With this function, cooking is a song. You choose the program with the required degree of roast, the rest is a matter of technology. Sensors measure the thickness of the steak and determine the optimal cooking time. All information is displayed on a digital display. Color indication and sound signal informs that it is time to serve the dish.

A half-kilogram steak is grilled for an average of 3 minutes at a temperature of 200-250 ° C. Do not rush to cut meat in the heat of the heat, let the piece rest for 10-20 minutes. During this time, the juice will be distributed inside the slice. The meat will "come", pick up another 4-7 ° C and will be juicier.

Removable pallet

This makes it easier to maintain your grill. Until it has cooled down, you can collect the fat from the surfaces with a paper towel, no traces remain. The plates do not absorb odors. You can safely cook meat after fish. Or vegetables after meat. If the surfaces are cold, they can be easily unfastened and washed in the dishwasher or by hand.

Which electric grill to choose for your home

Electric grills for home are divided into two types: contact (hold-down) and non-contact (barbecue).

  • At the contact points, meat and vegetables come into close contact with the heating element. Snuggling, the corrugated platform leaves fried stripes on the products. The plates have a non-stick coating, nothing sticks to them.
  • Non-contact fries products in an upright position. The secreted juice and fat flows into the drip tray. These appliances are cooked in an enclosed space - inside the grill. Their construction is often made of metal and with tempered glass elements to observe the cooking process. In this it is convenient to cook meat on a skewer, it does not burn.

Which is better: a grill pan or an electric grill

Grill panElectric grill
  • lighter than a device
  • can be cooked on fire and electricity
  • cooks 2 times faster
  • fries evenly
  • does not smoke
  • heats up for a long time
  • smokes
  • it is unrealistic to set the exact temperature
  • you need to constantly monitor so as not to overcook
  • outlet dependence
  • low-power ones do not fry, but stew

Watch the video experiment: electric grill or Grill pan

Electric grill: comparison of TOP models

Good electric grills for the home should be looked after among the famous brands - Tefal, Russell Hobbs, Delonghi, Gorenje, Tristar, Steba and others. Manufacturers give them a 1-2 year warranty.

Introducing our top 4 best grills for comparison.

Tefal OptiGrill GC712D34

Steba PG 4.4

Delonghi CGH 1012 D Multigrill

Russell Hobbs Gril

Determines the desired degree of doneness
  • Self-aligning 3D hinge
  • Handle lock for vertical storage
  • Setting the temperature for each plate separately
  • Fixing the panel in 3 positions
  • Sound signal when the required temperature is reached
Grill with melting function
6 automatic programs: burgers, poultry, sandwiches, sausages, meat, fish, defrost and manual5-step grill heating control3 modes: contact grill, barbecue and grill oven6 modes
2000 watts2000 watts2000 watts1200 watts
  • Ribbed, removable
  • Panel tilt angle - 7 ° (for grease dripping and easy cleaning)
Ribbed, removableRibbed, flat, removableRibbed, removable
  • Thermostat,
  • Non-stick coating,
  • Heating indicator,
  • Cool handles
  • Thermostat,
  • Non-stick coating,
  • Heating indicator,
  • Cool handles,
  • Non-slip feet
  • Thermostat,
  • Replaceable cooking panels,
  • Non-stick coating,
  • Heating indicator,
  • Fat collection container
  • Thermostat,
  • Non-stick coating,
  • Heating indicator,
  • Container for collecting fat,
  • Cool handles,
  • Non-slip feet
4.65 kg6.4 kg5.5KG4.6 kg

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