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Camera lens cleaning - how to clean the lenses and how to clean the lenses (optics) inside a digital SLR camera

The outer objective lens deteriorates due to improper cleaning. It is recommended to clean the lens when it is already very dirty. How and how to clean the camera lens?

How to clean the lens?

Special means are used to clean the optics of the camera. They are usually sold as a set. The complete set of each such set is different, but the set includes a limited set of tools. The most common are listed below:

  • air pear... A blower for cleaning the optics blows the surface of the lens, cleaning it from dust. The pear is used with caution. If you overdo it, dust particles will fall on the inner parts of the optics and the mechanisms of the camera. In photo shops there is a wide range of pears, some are completed with a brush through which blowing is carried out;
  • cleaning liquid... Lens cleaning fluids are alcohol based. The liquid does a great job of removing fingerprints and grease stains. It does not leave marks and streaks. A couple of drops of liquid are enough to clean the objective lens;
  • napkins... Cleaning kits must contain disposable wipes. They are made from tissue paper. These wipes, dipped in liquid, clean the surface of the objective lens without leaving any scratches;
  • microfiber. Microfiber is used instead of disposable wipes. This fabric is excellent for removing dust and grease stains from the lens. Unlike napkins, they are used many times, washing them from time to time;
  • cleaning pencils... The pencil does a good job of removing fingerprints, as well as dried spots and dust from the lens. There is a soft brush at one end of the pencil to remove dust and dirt. On the other end there is a special coating to remove fat;
  • brush or brush... Remove dust from the lens with a brush. It is made from natural bristles, soft enough not to scratch the lens surface. There are also special pencils on sale, with a retractable brush at one end and a cleaning pad at the other.

How do I clean the lens?

Lens cleaning is divided into several steps:

  • cleaning the lens barrel and bayonet with napkins dipped in a special liquid. Liquid is not poured onto the lens, but squeezed out. Then, in a circular motion, quickly clean the surface. Hard-to-reach places are cleaned with cotton swabs;
  • lens cleaning... First, we get rid of the dust. The dust contains micro-hard particles that scratch the lens during cleaning. Remove large microparticles with a pear. They are blown off the surface of the lens with a jet of air. After that, with a soft brush or pencil, lightly, in a circular motion, remove the remaining dust;
  • wet cleaning of grease and dried stains... Grease stains affect the quality of the resulting image. It is difficult to remove from the lens. For wet cleaning, moisten a disposable cloth or microfiber with liquid and clean the lens with smooth circular motions (without pressing from the center to the edges). If necessary, turn the napkin over and clean it again;
  • removal of cleaning liquid residues... After wet cleaning, we treat the surface with a dry cloth. When cleaning the optics, do not use ordinary tissues. They are made from coarser fibers and can easily scratch the lens surface;
  • the final stage of cleaning the camera optics... Remove the remaining particles of the cleaning compound with a pear or soft brush.

How can I make it so that I don't need to clean my lens as often?

To help you clean your lens less often, the following guidelines will help:

  • after you have finished photographing, cover the lens with the lens cap;
  • use a hood to protect the lens surface. The hood not only protects the surface from accidental finger contact, but also filters backlight;
  • use a special filter to protect the optics. Inexpensive (especially for small diameter lenses), but don't go for the cheapest filters. They use low-quality glasses, which will affect the quality of the pictures.

Note: Types and names of Nikon lenses

Follow these simple guidelines and your lens will be clean, and the pictures will amaze with clarity and depth of colors! Learn more about the various lens filters in this video review.

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