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How to choose the right air humidifier (ultrasonic, with an ionizer, with a purifier, steam) - choosing which is the best home air humidifier for a nursery

In the cold season, during the heating season and not only, according to statistics, the humidity level in houses and apartments does not exceed 20%. Heating devices and hot batteries additionally dry up the air in living quarters.

What is a humidifier for?

The humidifier creates a comfortable microclimate in the house, is quiet and safe to use. It is a good solution for humidifying the air in the nursery.

Dry air negatively affects well-being and entails:

  • decreased immunity;
  • dry mucous membranes;
  • a tendency to allergies.

The optimal moisture content for the human body, depending on the season, is 40-60%.

Types of humidifiers:

  • traditional (cold steam);
  • steam (hot steam);
  • ultrasonic.

Control types:

  • electronic;
  • mechanical;
  • sensory.

To choose the right humidifier, learn more about the types of humidifiers.

Traditional humidifier

The humidifier with the function of purifying the air produces no more than 60% humidity and is used in office and home premises.


  • economical in electricity consumption;
  • ease of use;
  • low cost;
  • safe for children;
  • low noise level.

Work on the principle of natural air irrigation with cold steam:

  • water is poured into the barrel of the device and enters the system of evaporating elements;
  • air from the room, thanks to the built-in fan, is driven through the evaporator.

The air in the room is cleaned of dust and microparticles, and is also saturated with water vapor more intensively if the device is placed close to a heat source or places of active air circulation (window, doors). The device is not suitable for inhalation, but it is convenient for aromatherapy - essential oils are added to the water and a delicate aroma spreads through the house.

Steam humidifier

Evaporates 700 grams of liquid per hour, increasing the humidity in the room by more than 60% (more than other types). They are widely used in greenhouses, greenhouses and conservatories, creating a semblance of a tropical microclimate.

The steam humidifier works on the principle of hot steam evaporation. Used for inhalation and aromatherapy.


  • sterilizes steam, which destroys germs;
  • works quietly;
  • quickly humidifies the air;
  • automatically turns off when there is no water in the barrel of the device.


  • energy-intensive (consumes 200-600 W);
  • overmoistens the room if control devices are not used - a hygrometer (a device for measuring air humidity) or a hydrostat (regulates air humidity);
  • some models do not have a security system. If handled not carefully, they are dangerous for children and pets, harm furniture.

When choosing a humidifier, give preference to devices with a built-in hygrostat or hygrometer to control the humidity level.

Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

Increases humidity by more than 60%. It is used in rooms that require a special level of humidity - antiques, musical instruments, books.


  • low noise level;
  • fast air humidification;
  • equipped with additional functions: for example, regulation of the evaporation rate, blocking of inclusion in the absence of water, timer, etc.;
  • the presence of remote control in some models;
  • minimum power consumption (40 W without water heating);
  • humidification control is regulated. Most models have a built-in hygrostat that sets the desired humidity level.


  • it is important to use distilled water or use ion-exchange resin filter cartridges in order to exclude white deposits on the furniture after the spray of water droplets on it has dried;
  • high price;
  • replacement of the filter cartridge and its filler once every 2-3 months;
  • aromatherapy function is not provided.

An air humidifier with an ionizer saturates the atmosphere with positive and negative particles and has a healing effect on the body; it is successfully used in apartments, greenhouses and conservatories, creating an optimal microclimate.

Which humidifier is the best, how to make a choice

The disadvantage of all types of household appliances is the limited range (1-1.5 meters around it). The built-in hygrostat measures the humidity level only around the device. As a result, the humidifier automatically shuts off when it does its job without humidifying the entire volume in the room.

It is known that air in a room moves by convection: cold - down, warm - up. Therefore, it is advisable to put a fan near the humidifier, which accelerates the air around the entire perimeter of the room.

The right and best solution for efficient operation all year round is to choose an ultrasonic humidifier. It is efficient and energy efficient. The choice depends on its cost, which varies on the availability of additional functions (aromatization, ionization, purification), build quality, design and brand promotion.

A traditional humidifier is the safest to work with and does an excellent job of its intended purpose.

A steam humidifier intensively saturates the air with moisture and over-humidifies the living space. The best option for use in flower greenhouses, greenhouses and other specific places.

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