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VIBRATION OF THE WASHING MACHINE WHILE SPINNING - why the machine jumps, shakes and vibrates strongly, what to do and how to properly reduce the vibration of the washing machine

Was the washing machine vibrating violently during spinning, jumping or moving? The reasons are hidden in its malfunction or incorrect installation.

Why does the washing machine jump?

1. Unstable support on the floor

The washer must stand firmly on a hard floor. If the floor is plank and bends, there is strong vibration and the car jumps. Check the feet under the washing machine. In the process, they are unscrewed, which leads to instability.

Decision: Secure each leg with a locknut.

2. The shock absorbers for the washing machine have broken

Shock absorbers for washing machines (dampers) exclude tank vibrations, preventing impacts on the body. Always used in washers in conjunction with spring mechanisms.

It is easy to check the shock absorber: pull the tank towards you with the car door open and release it. If it snaps into place the springs are in good order. When waving from side to side the shock absorbers will have to be changed.

A defective shock absorber is the breakage of the plastic covers that fit the tubes or plates extending from the tank. These elements are one piece with the tank and transmit all vibrations to the plastic covers, which are tightly pressed to the tubes or plates using U-shaped metal rods that are attached to the body of the washing machine tank.

Decision: to replace the plastic covers, disconnect the shock absorber of the washing machine (damper) from the body by unscrewing a few screws and removing it from the mount. Remove cracked or broken covers and install new ones.

To install new plates, it is necessary to unclench the U-shaped metal rods, securing one of them, for example, with the foot of the foot, and take the other off with your hand. Insert new covers between the rods and pull them back, releasing the tension.

3. Loose attachment of counterweights

The attachment for the washing machine is loose or the counterweight itself has begun to collapse, so the washing machine vibrates violently. Counterweight it is a heavy block that also prevents vibrations, ensuring the stability of the device. It is made from concrete or plastic.

Concrete counterweights crumble and collapse over time. But more often there are problems with fastening they become loose, there is a characteristic knock and vibration.

Decision: It is necessary to adjust or replace the mounting bolts or the counterweight itself.

4. Worn bearings of the washing machine drum

Over time, due to moisture ingress, the bearing begins to rust and deteriorate. In the initial stages, the machine makes an iron grinding; in case of more serious damage, this leads to a free lateral movement of the shaft with a drum and strong vibration during spinning. It is highly discouraged to use such a machine, because the bearing needs to be replaced! If it "scatters" during operation, the fragments will cause serious damage to other parts of the unit.

Decision: replace the bearing. Self-replacement is not recommended as it is a laborious and experience-intensive process. Use the services of a specialist.

5. Shipping bolts not removed

It happens that when installing a new washing machine on your own, they forget to remove the transport device that fixes the drum inside the washing machine so that it is not damaged during transportation.

Decision: during installation in working condition, the transport device must be removed, otherwise the fixed drum will vibrate strongly, which will lead to rapid wear of many components.

6. Uneven distribution of laundry in the drum

A loud noise and vibration of the machine during spinning sometimes occurs due to uneven distribution of the laundry in the drum, therefore the washing machine jumps.

Decision: Stop spinning, lay out each piece of laundry so that it can be distributed in the machine before spinning.

Remember that a bouncing car can wreak havoc on your bathroom or kitchen environment. With strong vibrations, all parts of the machine experience increased stress. The washer will gradually break down, which means more complex, lengthy and expensive repairs will be required.

The oval tank of these machines, unlike the round ones, saves water, electricity and even powder consumption.

See the spectacle of how effectively the washing machine "scatters"