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WHAT IS A GRAPHIC TABLET, WHAT TO CHOOSE - why and why you need a digitizer, which one to choose for drawing

A graphics tablet, graphics pad, drawing tablet, digitizer (digitizer) is a device for entering drawings into a computer by hand. Consists of a stylus pen, similar to a thick pencil, and the device itself. Pen drawing on the touch area is displayed with corresponding lines on the monitor. Using the stylus, you can also "hook" objects, manipulate them and click on the buttons of the program interface. Some models support Multi-Touch, that is, touching at multiple points for use with your fingers.

The device connects to a computer via USB or Bluetooth. In some models, the stylus is powered by a small battery. This is not very convenient: such a pen is heavier, the battery shifts its center of gravity and the hand gets tired faster.

What is a graphics tablet for?

For creative adults, the answer to this question is clear. Well, parents of future geniuses should know that the device brings drawing, writing and drawing as close as possible to natural. Moreover, it brings freedom to a completely different level. Thanks to a graphics tablet, you can imitate various drawing techniques that replace paints and gouache, create photo collages and computer games, and edit photographs.

Which graphics tablet should you buy?

So you've decided to purchase a graphics tablet. Which to choose? Pay attention to 4 important parameters.

1. The size of the active area.

It usually corresponds to A3-A6 paper sizes. A small model takes up less space, but it is more difficult to convey the accuracy of the drawing on it.

2. The aspect ratio of the tablet and computer monitor

If your computer screen is wide, choose a tablet labeled “wide”. Otherwise, part of the monitor or graphics device will remain unused.

3. Pen pressure sensitivity

Displays the cursor error when using the stylus. The more sensitive the pen is, the better the device will recognize it, creating a natural drawing and writing experience.

4. Graphics tablet resolution

Resolution is measured in dots per inch (dpi). It displays the accuracy of the transfer of a stroke with a pen or mouse made on the active surface. For devices of a professional level, this figure is not lower than 5080 dpi. In devices intended for hobbyists, at the level of 2000-2540 dpi.

Now you know what makes graphic tablets different, how you can use them, and which tablet to choose. It remains to look into our section "Graphic Tablets" and choose a model that meets your ambitions and skill.

We wish you inspiration!

Graphics devices are equally comfortable for right-handers and left-handers. See what the secret is!