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HOW TO SET UP A ROUTER - how to connect a router to a computer and a laptop

Enter the router settings menu In the address bar of the browser, enter or and press Enter. One of these IP addresses should lead to the router's settings menu. If both options do not work, find the required IP address in the documentation for your router model and try to enter it.

How to configure TP-Link ADSL router to work with PPPoE:

  • Step 1: Open a browser and enter the device's IP address in the address bar ( by default).
  • Step 2: In the login window, enter your username and password.
  • Step 3: On the left side of the window, select Quick Setup

Connecting a router means plugging two cables into it correctly - from the provider and to your computer. The connector for the first cable is called the WAN port and is usually highlighted in a different color.

One WAN port. If it is not highlighted, then it is indicated by the WAN abbreviation or the Internet symbol. And it is located somewhat away from the group of connectors for connecting a computer, which are numbered. These are LAN ports. You can insert a wire from the computer into any of them.

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Plug the device into a power outlet and you will automatically access the Internet on your computer.

How to connect the Internet via Wi-Fi: preparation

Before connecting the "Wi-Fi", it is worth updating the router's firmware. Let's show this using the TP-LINK device as an example. Similar actions must be performed on a device from any manufacturer.

Step 1: you need to "go to the router" - that is, open its admin panel

  1. Open an empty browser window on your computer. Enter in the address bar. This is the standard address for accessing the control panel of all routers.
  2. Press Enter: a window will appear for entering a login (username) and password. By default, they are admin and admin on all routers from the factory.

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It happens that does not work on TP-LINK - in this case, enter

Step 2: update the firmware

Download the latest software for your model from the manufacturer's website.

  1. Disconnect the provider's cable from the router.
  2. Unzip the firmware.
  3. Go to the admin panel in the System Tools menu, then Firmware Upgrade. Clicking "Browse", find the firmware file and click Upgrade.
  4. Wait for the router to reboot and connect the cable from the provider to it. After the update, the access address to the panel will change to (if it was

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How to set up a TP-LINK router to distribute WI-FI

Let us repeat that similar actions must be performed on a device of any manufacturer.

Specify the type of network connection

Do this in the Network menu, in the WAN section. Typically, ISPs assign a dynamic IP to home users. Select it and click Save.

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Give your wi-fi a name

  1. From the Wireless menu, select Wireless Settings.
  2. Come up with a name that you can easily remember and which will not give out unnecessary information about you to strangers.
  3. Indicate the region where you are located. In the Mode field, select the Wi-Fi standard for your mobile devices. If they were released in the last 5 years, then n will do. If you don't want other people to see your network, uncheck the Enable SSID Broadcast checkbox.

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How to set up Wi-Fi security

Go to Wireless Security. Enter the values ​​in the fields as in the picture.

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In PSK Password, enter the password to connect to the router via Wi-Fi. Not admin or 123454321, but reliable.

Reboot your router.

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