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HOW TO GLUE RUBBER BOOTS - how to glue rubber, how to glue it correctly

EVA resin is a foamed ethylene vinyl acetate similar to foam. EVA boots are like a feather, but the porous material often tears. You cannot seal the gap with the Moment glue, the greasy plastic does not hold the patch. But such shoes can still be repaired.

How to glue EVA boots: 2 proven methods

The first method is simple

  • Sew the torn edges of the EVA fabric with a thread.
  • Then cover the seam with several layers of liquid rubber or glue-adhesive. The interval between coats is 30 minutes.

And that's it, the tightness will be restored! But not for long: if the patched place is bent, the superglue will burst sooner or later.

The second method is reliable

You will need EVA glue to seal your shoes. It is flexible and water resistant because it consists of polyurethane composites, activators, accelerators and stabilizers.

  • Secure the cut with a clothespin or clamp.
  • Sand the glossy surface of the boot on each outside of the cut with a file or sandpaper. Otherwise it will not stick together.
  • Degrease with acetone (alcohol and gasoline will not work).
  • Apply EVA gel to each side and let sit for 10-15 minutes. Apply a second coat of glue if necessary.
  • Release the clamp and apply gel into the cut gap for additional sealing.

Leave the shoes on for 24 hours, preferably 48. The glue will firmly grab the damage. But in severe frost, the seam will be tough.

How to glue the soles of rubber boots

File the puncture site with a file and push it to the level of the sole.

  • Degrease and apply EVA glue to the puncture site.
  • Pull the tool out slowly from the inside of the boot. Thus, the file will act like a syringe plunger and pull the gel inside the puncture.

Boots can be worn after 12 hours.

Watch the video on how to properly glue EVA shoes

How to fix rubber boots: including PVC

Correct gluing is like a monolith: it looks aesthetically pleasing and is fixed tightly. Therefore, you need to fix your shoes wisely. I use Moment-GEL glue. Unlike "Moment" -CRYSTAL, it does not spread over the surface. For a patch I take a rubberized fabric or a set of patches designed for gluing tubes and tires. They are thin, resilient and cover the ridges and transitions in the boot well. I cut the edges of the patch so that there are no snags.

  • Sand the damaged area. When there was no sandpaper, I used a grinder with a polishing wheel for cleaning.
  • Degrease the gluing area and patch with acetone.
  • Apply a generous amount of glue to the place where the patch will be. Do the same with the rubber piece.
  • Spread the glue over the surface with a toothpick or match and leave for 5 minutes to thicken slightly.
  • Glue the patch, pressing down from the middle to the edges to expel air. Then press down on the edges - for a solid glue. After half an hour, the glue will set, harden in a day.

Watch a video life hack on how to soften rubber

How to care for rubber boots

This method is suitable for gel and rubber shoes, as well as PVC and EVA.

You will need a cotton pad and sunflower oil. The tarnished boots will be like new.

  • Previously washed and dried, wipe with a cotton pad moistened with oil. It collects the stubborn dirt, the shoes will be transformed instantly: they will become brighter, as if varnished.
  • Pour warm water into a bowl, dilute a little washing powder. Use a sponge to rinse off the sunflower oil.
  • Then rinse the glossy surface with clean water and wipe dry to avoid streaks.

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