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HOW TO REMOVE RUST - how to remove rust from metal at home

How to remove rust: effective means are cheaper and more expensive

Try dipping aluminum foil in vinegar and using it as a brush to remove rust. It is less coarse than steel wool, but will still remove rust. You can use regular vinegar. To do this, rusty products need to be dipped in it for 24 hours, and then rinsed.

If the metal is slightly oxidized, it can be easily cleaned with sandpaper, steel brush or sander. But if the plaque is solid, more radical methods will help get rid of rust - chemical solutions.

5 cheaper methods to remove rust

  • Scrape the object with a scraper and immerse it in kerosene for a day, several days or even a week - depending on the degree of rust. Then wipe with a flannel or sponge. Sand with sandpaper. Wrap shovels, boots, hoes, axes in a rag, abundantly moistened with kerosene, and leave for a while. It will corrode rust without damaging the metal. Wipe your inventory with machine oil from time to time. It forms a protective film and prevents corrosion.
  • Dissolve citric acid in warm water at the rate of 10 grams per liter (the concentration can be reduced). Place the iron in the solution and let it soak for a day or longer. If in some places the oxide “does not come off”, clean it. It was noticed that the metal darkens slightly after this procedure. Wash the treated item in a soap or soda solution to prevent oxidation, and sand it.

  • Vinegar and sulfuric acid solution are excellently removed. Soak the item in a sealed container. Acid fumes give off a pungent odor, so ventilate the area well. Wear rubber gloves to avoid scalding your hands. At the end of the procedure, rinse the item and dry. Treat with engine oil.
  • Reddish stains will "go away" if moistened with hydrogen peroxide and heated over a gas burner. Oxides decompose at high temperatures. When the iron has cooled, scrub with a stiff toothbrush or emery.
  • Coca-Cola, Sprate, Pepsi contain phosphoric acid, which removes rust. Fill the part with a drink and leave for a day. There will be no trace of a weak plaque.

2 ways to make rust more expensive

  • Toilet bowl cleaners (Bref, Cillit Bang, De La Mark) contain hydrochloric acid and dissolve rust. Fill the item with detergent and wait. When the plaque disappears, rinse the item and clean.
  • Anti-corrosion agent - an excellent rust converter in the form of a suspension, emulsion or solution. It forms a protective film on the treated surface. Which is better depends on the chemical structure. There are acidic (Ranway, Rust Remover) and neutral, containing zinc. Nanoprotec anti-corrosion agents have proven themselves excellently.

When applied, zinc reacts with metal and prevents the spread of corrosion.

To neutralize rust:

  • Remove dirt and loose rust from the surface with sandpaper or an iron brush.
  • Rinse and, after drying, degrease with solvent.
  • Pour the transducer into a glass or plastic container.
  • Apply with a brush, roller or spray on the surface to be treated in one layer, and after half an hour, when dry, in the second.

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Watch the video how to easily remove rust with vinegar