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HOW TO CHOOSE A MOTHERBOARD - how to choose a motherboard for a processor, choose a motherboard 1151

How do we measure computers? Power. It can be less or more, but we do not need anything else from the PC. And the power is determined by the processor. When you assemble a computer, first choose a percentage according to your needs and capabilities. Then - an adequate motherboard. That is, not overloaded with features and price if you need a working PC. Or one on which you can fearlessly drive the CPU and video card of your gaming monster.

Motherboard: how to choose a compatible motherboard

Intel and AMD release a new generation of CPUs every year. In doing so, they can change the socket - the pin configuration of the processor. The key condition when choosing a motherboard: its socket must match the socket of the processor you have chosen. Otherwise, their work will not grow together.

How to choose a motherboard for a simple PC

If you need a PC only for working with office programs, the Internet and watching videos, then a microATX motherboard is suitable for you. It has few connectors, but you can build a compact PC on its base. Such that will not put pressure on the psyche of your grandmother, it will fit comfortably in the children's room or under the table in the hostel.

There are only four reputable motherboard brands in the world: ASRock, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI. In the budget category, their products differ little. Therefore, just choose a board that has more connectors for the same money. Check if the connectors of your monitor, keyboard and mouse will fit it, if there will be free USB connectors for a flash drive, webcam, external hard drive.

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Choosing a motherboard for games: socket 1151 is the right thing

A serious adult who is going to play modern games needs an ATX motherboard with an LGA 1151 socket. Naturally, if you have chosen an Intel processor. Be careful here: for 8th Gen Coffee Lake processors, LGA 1151 is only suitable with a 300 series chipset. For older Kaby Lake and Skylake CPUs, only LGA 1151 with 100 and 200 series chipsets are suitable.

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The ATX form factor will allow you to put a hefty modern graphics card, as well as a large cooler on the processor. What you need for the quietest and most powerful gaming desktop. Most likely, this motherboard will not fit DDR3 RAM from your previous machine: the market has almost completely switched to DDR4.

Choose from the same brands: ASRock, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI.

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For the sake of objectivity, let's say that you can build an equally powerful gaming computer based on an AMD processor.

Motherboards: how to choose for overclocking

Choosing a motherboard greatly complicates several chipset options for each processor generation. And also confusing brand names, from which it is not clear whether it is possible to drive the processor on the board or not. It happens that users write reviews that the percentage is overclocked, and the manufacturer replies that the motherboard is not intended for this.

Explaining on two fingers. Intel chipsets that support overclocking are identified with an X or Z in front of the series number: Z170, X299, Z270, Z370. AMD chipsets for overclocking: X370 and X470.

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