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How to choose the right air conditioner for an apartment (for a house) - how to choose (pick up) a split system by area

A split system is an air conditioner consisting of two units: external and internal. The outdoor unit is a compressor-condenser, which is mounted outside the house - on the facades or on the roof. The indoor unit is a heat exchanger, it is installed indoors.

To choose the right air conditioner for a split system, consider one important point.

Split system air conditioners: how to choose?

When choosing a split system for your home, decide on the optimal cooling capacity. It is important to know the following parameters:

  • ceiling height,
  • area of ​​the room,
  • the level of solar illumination,
  • the number of people living in it.

Be sure to consider the availability of working equipment (TV, computer, etc.). Remember that cooling 10 m² of room space requires 1 kW of air conditioner power. If the room is not isolated, then add the area of ​​the adjacent room to its area.

Calculation of the cooling capacity of the split system according to the formula Q = Q1 + Q2 + Q3:

  • Q1 - heat from walls, windows and roof. It is calculated as follows: Q = S * h * q / 1000, where:
    • Q - heat gains (W);
    • S is the area of ​​the room (m²);
    • h - room height (m);
    • q - coefficient equal to 30 - 40 W / m³:
      • a lot of sunlight q = 40 W / m³;
      • average illumination q = 35 W / m³;
      • for a darkened room q = 30 W / m³;
  • Q2 - heat generated by people in the room:
    • 0.1 kW - with low physical activity;
    • 0.2 kW - with high activity;
  • Q3 - heat generated by household appliances:
    • 0.2 kW - TV,
    • 0.3 kW - computer.

The universal calculation is 30% of the maximum power consumption of the electrical appliance.

The optimum power of the split air conditioner (Qrange) ranges from -5% to + 15% of the obtained Q value.

For an example of automatic calculation of all parameters, see here.

The device's performance directly depends on the installation technology. Installation of split systems is technically difficult, so you should entrust it to specialists.

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Now you know how to choose the right air conditioner for your home or apartment. There is a large selection of split systems in our electronic catalog. Make a request on the website or call the hotline (044) 206 206 9. Tomorrow we will deliver the goods at a convenient time for you.

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