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HOW TO CHOOSE A FOUNDATION CREAM that will mask all skin imperfections & # 12641; what foundations are best used in summer and winter

As a cosmetologist, I am very upset by the promises of marketers who, by hook or by crook, are trying to sell their goods. Let's take a tinting agent. Manufacturers suggest choosing a foundation that will hide acne and wrinkles, protect you from frost and sun, and even out your complexion. There is no such thing! Here are some of the most offensive tricks that many of us take at face value.

Trick # 1: Choose one “magic” foundation correctly and mask all problem areas

In reality: The properties of the legendary "toner" are exaggerated. The foundation will never hide skin imperfections! Its main task is to level the tone. More ㅡ to eliminate oily sheen. Do not mask flaws !!! Inflamed areas, acne, blackheads only become more noticeable. The foundation does not moisturize and does not protect from the sun (whatever the pleasant voice from the advertisement says).

Regardless of the skin type, a quality “Daily routine” looks like this:

  • applying a moisturizer;
  • treatment with a corrector of problem areas of the skin (10 minutes after the cream);
  • applying a tonal foundation.

So, and nothing else!

How to choose a foundation for problem skin

  • Dry or normal skin... The task is to choose a suitable foundation. Remember that this is a standalone product with great concealment and dense texture. Will hide minor skin defects, freckles.
  • Bold or combined: After applying the foundation, lightly powder the face.
  • Problem skin: important ㅡ to find the right care. Daily cleansing is especially important: washing gel + drying toner (milk).

Do not try to increase the effect of "tonal" by quantity!

Trick # 2: Foundation or cream will protect your skin in bad weather

Foundation advertising campaigns often speculate on combining care and aesthetics.

In reality: In severe frost or heat, the skin of the face especially needs care. Exactly leaving! And tonal base or cream ㅡ decorative cosmetics. In extreme conditions, it is not enough. May the care cosmetics come with you!

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The best foundations for the summer

A “daily routine” for everyone: replace your regular moisturizer with sunscreen. When choosing such a cream, it is important to pay attention to the level of sun protection ㅡ SPF (from the English "Sun Protection Factor"). The higher the level, the denser the structure.

  • Dry or normal skin: use not a foundation, but a base. Suitable SPF in sunscreen ㅡ 25-35.
  • Bold or combination skin: Give up foundation or cream. Matting wipes will help remove oily shine. Choose a less dense sunscreen with an SPF of 15-25.
  • Problem skin: Discard all foundation except for the concealer. A sunscreen with an SPF of 15-25 would be ideal.

Consider your skin tone when choosing such a cream!

The best foundation for the winter

A universal recipe for all skin types: choose a more oily moisturizer with a thick texture. Apply no later than 20 minutes before going outside. So the face will not be weathered. In extreme cold, feel free to use a foundation or cream ㅡ give your skin additional protection.

Trick # 3: Revolutionary BB - or CC - Cream ㅡ All-In-One

Multifunctional creams are relatively new players in the Ukrainian beauty market. Three things are driving their growing popularity.

  1. Halo of scientific invention.
  2. "Western".
  3. Advertising promises that one tube will replace six different ones.

In reality: The more functions the tool performs, the less the effectiveness of each property. And "BB" - or "SS" -cream has six of them:

  • masking effect,
  • even out skin tone,
  • moisturizing,
  • treatment,
  • sun protection (SPF 30-35),
  • fight against age-related skin changes.

One multifunctional does not replace a separate moisturizer! Will not cure problem skin. In summer, it will not replace a complete sunscreen. Will not prevent wrinkles. Hides imperfections and evens out skin tone, yes.

The palette of shades of a multifunctional cream is limited to a few basic ones (from 2 to 5). It is impossible to choose the perfect match to the skin ㅡ there is not much to choose from.

What is BB, CC, DD cream for?

The only advantage of multifunctional creams is that they save space in the cosmetic bag. Oh, how convenient it is when traveling, when there is no opportunity for full-fledged care!

  • Dry or normal skin: great for daily use and BB cream and CC. When used in conjunction with a moisturizer.
  • Sensitive skin: CC cream is designed specifically for skin prone to redness, irritation and chapping.

  • Bold or combined: CC cream is better suited due to its light texture.
  • Problem skin: a corrector is indispensable, but CC cream will cope more effectively.

The main thing to remember is that one foundation will not be enough for you for anything in your life! Only on well-groomed skin do decorative cosmetics work in full force!

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