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It was with Pampers Premium Care that my acquaintance with diapers began. I used them in the hospital and in the first month after the birth of the baby. I bought it because I was bribed by the hypoallergenic mark on the package. The diapers are very delicate and soft to the touch and did their job well. The child is dry in them, without diaper rash. But there is a nuance, although other moms do not even pay attention to it - "Pampers" are voluminous. They, like a parachute, envelop the baby's ass.

I saw the difference when I tried Huggies Ellite Soft, because a friend gave them. Unlike Pampers, Haggis sits more neatly on the baby, although both diapers are the same size.

Which is better - "Haggis" or "Pampers" - became a dilemma for me.

  • Huggies Elite Soft has a wide elastic band that fits snugly to the baby's back. This feature is touted as protection against leaks. I considered it a disadvantage: it squeezes and leaves marks on the body. The inner part of the diaper is dense and pimpled, pleasant to the touch. The baby does not rot, although as it fills, the diaper smells unpleasant.
  • In diapers, the elastic is replaced by elastic flaps on the sides - and I like it. The Velcro fixes the diaper well, it does not slip. Premium Care smells like a sweet powder scent.

But the rubber bands in the area of ​​the legs of both brands of diapers squeeze the baby's delicate skin: "Haggis" - strong, "Pampers" - weaker. To reduce the problem, choose the right size: weigh the baby in time to know its weight.

For me, the question: "What diapers are best for newborns?" - already passed the stage, I made my choice. But if a certain brand suits my child, it is not a fact that it is good for yours.

Pampers premium careHuggies Ellite Soft
+ hypoallergenic+ do not slide off the baby
+ elastic Velcro straps secure the diaper securely+ due to elastic band they fit snugly to the back
+ softest to the touch- the elastic squeezes the skin
- smells strongly of flavors+ the inside of the pod is well ventilated
- volumetric- emit an unpleasant odor as it fills

How to put on a diaper correctly so that it doesn't leak

  • Distribute the front and back walls of the podguz at the same level or so that the front wall is 1 cm higher than the back.
  • Attach the diaper well with Velcro, but do not squeeze. A finger should fit between him and the tummy.
  • Check the elastic cuffs. Take them out and straighten them around the leg.

Which diapers are better: Pampers Active Baby, Pampers Sleep & Play or Pampers New Baby?

When we got a little older, we tried different variants of the Pampers brand. These brands have two advantages in common.

  1. If you wear a diaper correctly, it will last for one dry night.
  2. Thanks to the stretching sidewalls, the diaper sits tightly, the child is comfortable in it.

See the table for the differences.

Pampers active babyPampers sleep & playPampers new baby
  • drawing delicate flowers
  • bright colors of the picture
  • low-key images
  • soft
  • the moisture-proof layer of the diaper is harsh
  • soft to the touch inner layer of the pouch
  • triple absorbent layer
  • double absorbent layer
  • triple absorbent layer
  • mild sweet odor
  • strong smell of chamomile flavoring, smell bad as it fills
  • subtle smell of powder

What kind of diapers do you use? Write in the comments. What if they will help other mummies make a choice?

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