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HOW TO CONNECT Xiaomi WIRELESS HEADPHONES - how to use wireless headphones, how to charge and set up

The Xiaomi AirDots feature is the touch panels on the outside of each earphone. With their help, you can connect Xiaomi wireless headphones to your phone.


  • Press and hold both earbuds until you see a double purple-red blinking. This is a signal that you have reset the settings.
  • Put them in the charging box for a while, take them out and wait for the devices to "find" each other. As soon as this happens, you will see a pale purple blinking of the right earbud. He is in charge.
  • Go to the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone. Available devices will be labeled “MI AIRDOTS BASIC_R”. These are your headphones. The phone will connect to the right one, and that one will connect to the left one.

Sometimes AirDots sync separately. The reason is that the left “ear” “loses” the right one.

4 actions if one wireless earbud does not work.

  1. Unplug the two earbuds: hold down both touchpads until the red lights turn on.
  2. Hold for 30-50 seconds: first, the white indicator will turn on, then, after 10-20 seconds, it will light up in red-white. The indicator will blink 2 times.
  3. Continue to hold until they flicker a couple of times and go out for a few seconds. Then they flicker a couple more times - this means that the settings have been reset.
  4. Now put the "ears" in the case and take out both of them shortly. The left one will look for the right one, synchronize with it, and you can connect to the phone.

How to use Xiaomi AirDots wireless headphones

If you listen to the "ears" in pairs, they work ~ 4 hours. And if you listen to the tracks alone, then the device's performance will increase by 1 hour. A Bluetooth headset is connected in the same way - both to the iPhone and to the Android.

  • Hold the touchpad of one earbud.
  • The phone settings will display "MI AIRDOTS BASIC_R" or "MI AIRDOTS BASIC_L" - whichever you choose. For example, the left one. While it blinks frequently, it means looking for the right one. After 15 seconds after activation, it will blink less often - from this moment, the earphone is activated as an independent device. It is ready to pair with your phone.

And yes! The sound of the AirDots babies is what you need. With bass too. But only if you choose the right ear pads that come with the kit. They should fit snugly into the ear canal. A sure sign of "your" size is when the "ears" are not felt when worn.


How Xiaomi Wireless Headphones Work

If you take the earpiece out of your ear, the music doesn't stop like it does with AirPods. The devices are disconnected only in the case, and are connected back to the phone when they are taken out:

  • put only the left one in the case, it will turn off, and the right one will work;
  • remove the right one - both will turn off.

Headphones work with voice assistants Siri, Google Assistant, Alice. The controls are intuitive:

  • 1 touch - pause or answer a call;
  • double - call the voice assistant. The only thing that is inconvenient: when you want to fix the earpiece and inadvertently press the touch panel, the music will stop;
  • holding one or more seconds - call cancellation;
  • double tap during a call - mute the microphone.

How to charge wireless headphones

Xiaomi AirDots charges the case, and it itself lives on from micro usb. Not 1.5 hours, as the manufacturer says. ~ 45 minutes. The case is equipped with a 350 mAh battery, which is enough for three recharges.

  • If the diode does not flicker and glows red, the battery is being charged.
  • White color indicates 100% battery charge.
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