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HOW TO WASH SNEAKERS IN A WASHING MACHINE - in what mode, at what temperature to wash

How to properly wash sneakers in a washing machine?

  1. Inspect your sneakers before washing.
  2. Take out the laces (this will wash better) and lay them separately to wash with your sneakers.
  3. Dirt, sand and stuck small stones must be carefully removed from the sole of the sneaker.

You can and should wash your sneakers. Our feet sweat, bacteria in our shoes multiply. As a result, an unpleasant odor or even worse - a stench in the "company" with the fungus. The laundered sneakers are good for the legs and the shoes have a presentable look.

Before tossing them into the drum, make yourself and the washing machine "goodness". The machine will be more intact.

  • Examine the label to make sure the shoes are washable.
  • Remove the laces, take out the instep supports. Lather them and rub them well with a brush.
  • Wash your sole. Crushed stone and sand can damage the drum.
  • Wash your sneakers in a special bag. Place the laces and insoles there. If you don't have a bag, toss your shoes into the washer along with two or three tennis balls and a few towels. This will balance the drum and add friction. The wash quality will improve.

How to machine wash sneakers

Do not carry more than two pairs of shoes. Otherwise, they will not be washed off, and you can ruin the machine in no time.

Wash at 40 ° C in Shoe Wash, if available. Colder water does not wash away dirt, and hot water will unstick.

  • Make sure your suede athletic shoes are stitched before washing. Set the washing temperature to 30 ° C.
  • Sort your rag sneakers by color. To make sure they don't fade, wipe the surface with a damp cloth to make sure no paint remains on it.
  • It is better to wash leather sneakers by hand, they can be deformed in a typewriter.

Use a liquid detergent. Powder is more difficult to rinse out, streaks may remain.

Do not start the spin program. You still won't be able to squeeze out properly, but you can easily break the machine.

Dry at room temperature, stuffing with paper to prevent deformation. Once it has absorbed moisture, you can use a shoe dryer.

Can not be washed:

  • shoes with rhinestones and stones - when they come off, they can clog the drain;
  • backlit shoes;
  • sneakers with reflectors and foam stickers: they will come off during washing.

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