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HOW TO CHOOSE A TRIMMER - how to choose a beard trimmer, reviews, rating of beard trimmers

Experienced barbers base their choice of beard trimmer on 7 principles.

  • Blades with small tooth spacing... Such blades capture short hairs well and allow you to handle the beard as accurately as possible. In large gaps between the teeth, short hairs deviate and their tips cannot be cut. They can also cut your skin with these blades.
  • The design must prevent rapid clogging... Cut hairs can plug gaps around the blades and between the blades and attachment.
  • As many nozzle heights as possible... This gives you creative freedom: you can choose the optimal length of hairs for your face in different parts of the beard. The best trimmer models have one attachment, but with a regulator that replaces 10 individual attachments. The most advanced models can change the depth in millimeter and fractions of a millimeter.
  • The attachments must fit well... Better with push-button mounts.
  • Extra fine-tooth trimmer... Its task is to make neat edges.
  • Wireless work and great autonomy. It's good if the charge is enough for 60 minutes of work. It's great if you have an express charge just in case of emergency.
  • Waterproof. Hair is much more convenient to rinse off than brushing.

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Beard trimmer: reviews and ratings based on them

We have collected trimmers, reviews of which clearly described the advantages and disadvantages of the machines. We made a short summary for each with a focus on negative user experience. Why negative? Because praise can be paid for. The result is an honest rating of beard trimmers.


Convenient size, battery holds up to 2 hours, shallow depth adjustment, titanium self-sharpening knives, waterproof. Not the most expensive REMINGTON MB4045 in our rating, but people are happy with everything. Really.


And again, the budget BRAUN BT5050, the work of which is satisfied. But not happy with the charging time: 840 minutes. Try not to be stunned here.

PHILIPS Series 9000

A device with a laser and a display showing the depth of the nozzle. Fast charge for 60 minutes. PHILIPS Series 9000 is expensive. But they write that:

  • a) cuts and makes edging worse than simple old machines;
  • b) the laser is useless.


Same micro depth adjustment and display as PHILIPS Series 9000. Floating head. But the model is said to be missing too many hairs.

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Very accurate depth control, low battery indicator, water resistant, works both on battery and mains. But the PANASONIC ER-GB80 quickly clogs up and cuts the Adam's apple.

So which trimmer is best? The results are inconsistent. The most expensive and advanced models receive a lot of criticism. Perhaps this is due to the fact that much more is expected from them than from the budget. We always repeat a simple fact: most satisfied users just don't feel the need to write reviews. Choose a car you believe in, get your experience, and then choose the best one.

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