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The shock absorber tape is a kind of expander. It is called a fitness band, rubber band, tourniquet, rubber cushion, or expander band. It is a tubular and rather elongated rubber band with handles at the ends. Externally, the shock absorber tape is very similar to a rope, but it works on a completely different principle. Some fitness clubs use its old counterpart - a piece of thin rubber band without handles, which is simply wound around the palms.


The shock absorber tape is used not only for training certain muscle groups. For this, many other devices and simulators have been created. The main purpose of the projectile is to change the very principle of their work, making everyday exercises more difficult.

An expander for fitness is a great find for those athletes who are no longer enough of the usual load, and the efforts in training do not bring the desired result. This effect is called the training plateau.

If after training your muscles do not grow, subcutaneous fat does not disappear, and efforts have no effect, then it's time to change the work of the muscles with a shock absorber tape.

The elastic has several levels of resistance. It is subdivided into four degrees of difficulty. Each of the four levels has a specific color.

  • The first level is the lowest, it is yellow in color.
  • The second level is light (red).
  • The third has an average level of resistance. It is designed for more experienced athletes and is usually painted green.
  • The blue elastic band has the maximum resistance, it is designed for professionals.

When you train with a fitness rubber band, you will notice that your body starts to work differently. A new number of muscles, both large and small, are included in the work. Note that with an elastic band, muscles are worked out much deeper. As a result of such exercises, a beautiful body relief is formed and the body's endurance increases.

The first time you practice with resistance, you will feel that the previous exercises are performed much harder, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the exercises.

Working with a shock absorber belt, during training, you burn 250-300 more kilocalories.

The rubber band itself is very compact and easy to carry. It is used by:

  • in the gym,
  • at home,
  • on a rest,
  • on trips.

The exercise program with this equipment does not take much time, but it helps to strengthen the muscles and improve stretching.

Be sure to warm up before you start working on the rubber damper. If your workout takes place without a coach, then you can limit yourself to walking in place, squatting or jumping.

Exercises for legs and buttocks

  • Lying on your back, bend your knees. The fingers should be pointing up.
  • Fold the rubber bumper in half with both handles in one hand and the elastic on the hip line.
  • With your hands on the floor, raise and lower your pelvis. It should not be lifted too high, your legs and back should be in a straight line.

Perform 20-30 repetitions.

  • Sitting on the floor, bend your knees. Your toes should be pointing upward. Place the shock at the arch of your feet, keeping the handles in your hands and resting your hands on the floor.
  • Without touching the floor, move your leg forward, while trying to overcome the resistance of the shock absorber. During the exercise, keep the body upright, pull your toes up.

Do this exercise on each leg at least 20 times.

  • Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. If you find it difficult to keep your balance, you can use a chair.
  • Tie a rubber band around your ankle and step on the middle with your other foot.
  • The free end of the elastic must be taken in your hand and held to the side.
  • Pull your straight leg back, trying to stretch the tape. Pull your toes away from you. During the exercise, try to keep your body straight, do not lean forward.

Do at least 20-25 reps for each leg.

Exercises for the abs

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent. Place the shock absorber tape at the level of the shoulder blades, press it with your back to the floor.
  • Overcoming resistance, take your straight arms to your knees, while the body should be slightly raised.
  • Try to lift your shoulder blades off the floor without removing the shock absorber from your back.
  • While lifting the body, exhale, returning to the starting position - inhale.

Do the exercise 20-25 times.

  • Lying on your back, bend your knees slightly.
  • Fold the damper in half, extend your arms upward, keeping the strap slightly taut.
  • Raising your head and body, turn it left and right.
  • On the exhale, we lift the body, on the inhale we return to the starting position.

Do the exercise 20-25 times.

Exercises for the arms and back

  • Take the ends of the elastic in your hands, place your feet one step wide, then step with your front foot in the middle of the projectile.
  • Overcoming the resistance of the elastic band, raise your arms up until they are fully extended. Try not to bend in your back, do not raise your shoulders.

Perform the exercise 20-25 times until you feel a burning sensation in the shoulders and triceps.

  • Grasping the ends of the shock, place your feet one step wide, then step with your front foot in the middle of the band.
  • Overcoming resistance, raise straight arms and take them back. You should not take your arms too high, it will be enough to raise them to the waist. Remember to keep an eye on your back, it should remain straight.

When performing the exercise, the shoulders are lowered.

Do the exercise 20-25 times.

  • Holding the shock absorber grips in one hand, fold it in half.
  • Now lie on your stomach with your toes pointing down towards the floor.
  • Raising your arms and body slightly, stretch the elastic behind your head. Do not strain your neck too much.
  • Look at the floor while doing the exercise.

Do the exercise 15-20 times.


The shock absorber tape develops and strengthens the muscles of the whole body without increasing their volume, allowing you to achieve a graceful figure and correct posture. An elastic band for fitness is a fairly inexpensive, very compact and versatile exercise machine. She has unlimited opportunities to develop strength, mobility and flexibility.

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