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How to choose the right toaster - which choice is better: a sandwich toaster (sandwich maker) or a toaster to make toast

Types of toasters

  1. Conventional Electric Toasters There are only three classes of electric toasters in nature.
  2. Toasters with a grill If you expect, in addition to toasting, also bake in a toaster, then buy a toaster grill
  3. Sandwich toaster
  4. Power
  5. Thermostat
  6. Shutdown button
  7. Removable pallet
  8. Grill for warming up buns

All the power of the toaster lies in its simplicity: put one or two slices of bread into the device (depending on the number of compartments) and after 1 minute it is ready. Crunchy toast for breakfast is no problem!

Does an expensive toaster always brown bread better?

The bread is browned by the heat generated by the heating element. The higher the power of the electric toaster, the faster the toast is prepared. The power of the device is from 600 to 1600 W. In expensive models, there are usually up to 11 modes, which determine the degree of browning. They are thermostatically controlled. Cheap toasters often distribute heat unevenly due to the lack of such a function. Therefore, the bread is toasted unevenly in them.

Toasters are divided into three groups:

  • automatic (toast). Croutons are prepared without human intervention. After cooking, the bread slices are self-extracting. The kitchen appliance switches off automatically;
  • semi-automatic. After frying, the toast is taken out with your hands. The device turns off automatically;
  • mechanical (manual). Requires human intervention to turn the bread.

How safe is the toaster?

For safe use, it is better that the device has a metal case, rather than a plastic one. Plastic housings get hotter during operation, so there is a risk of burns.

An electric toaster with a metal body is more resistant to high temperatures and mechanical damage. Although heavier than plastic and more expensive in price.

When choosing, ask if the toaster is equipped with "cold wall" technology. Because with such a program, the walls of the case do not heat up during operation.

Pay attention to the following points:

  • do not cover the working toaster with anything;
  • do not place the device next to curtains and do not leave towels nearby to avoid a fire;
  • disconnect from the mains after work;
  • Let the toaster cool before cleaning.

Toast in a toaster is healthy

According to nutritionists, bread dried on an electric toaster is healthier than fried bread. All models have a heating chamber. It contains spirals that reproduce infrared radiation. It is this that dries and browns the surface of the bread.

In expensive toasters, a special heating mode is provided. Therefore, the cooled bread heats up in 30 seconds, and the degree of roasting remains the same.

How do I remove bread crumbs from my toaster?

Do not remove crumbs by turning the appliance upside down. If crumbs stick to the walls:

  • remove the pallet, which is located at the bottom of the device;
  • clean the inside with a culinary brush;
  • remove the residue with a damp cloth or washcloth.

Clean the toaster regularly after use. And it will regularly serve for more than one year.

Sandwich toaster: will you get brown and crispy bread?

A sandwich maker and a toaster are different appliances. A slice of bread made in a toaster is toasted and crispy. A sandwich maker, unlike a toaster, prepares filled sandwiches.

This appliance consists of two ribbed non-stick plates. They join tightly and when heated, they fry the bread until crisp.

Now you know the important points to choose a good toaster. The store has a large selection of the best of them.Do you want to pamper yourself and your loved ones with hot and crispy croutons? Order your toaster now! Call (044) 206-206-9 or fill out the application form on the website.

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