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HOW A 3D PRINTER WORKS - how to print on a 3D printer, why you need it

After the first delight from the purchase subsides, reality sets in. How to assemble it, how to install a 3D printer, how to use it and what to print? Wow, let's work now!

Let's disappoint. The 3D inkjet does not require assembly. Installation takes a couple of minutes, and what to print ... Well, read on!

3D Printer Installation Instructions

  1. It is important to place the printer flat. To help you creative, there is a special application for your phone. It will help your eyes "not squint" and will check how level the object is.
  2. Remove the restraints inside the device. How? Read the instructions.
  3. Install drivers and software. Drivers can be downloaded from Download two programs: one for scanning and one for printing.

Almost done!

Advice for using a 3D printer.

Take a glue stick and treat the surface. This will keep the first bottom layer stationary.

How to print to a 3-d printer

  1. Open the XYZ Ware program and load the desired model. It's not difficult yet. Or…?
  2. Adjust the position of the model using the buttons on the side panel.
  3. Choosing the right size. Remember, the larger the size, the more detail.
  4. Press the Print button. There will definitely be no problems with this!

The printing process has started.

What does a 3D printer print with?

He prints with plastic, which is in cartridges.

Filling the printer with such a cartridge is not difficult:

  • open the lid, remove the cap and put the cartridge face inward;
  • then you need to stick a plastic thread into a special hole. Do it efficiently, with feeling - the filament should be thrust as deep as possible into the print head of the printer.

That's it - stop working with your hands. Work your head. Go to the menu and select the desired settings.

Go brew coffee and read a scientific journal. Or have you already thrown it away?

After 1.5 hours, the model is ready. Make sure that it and the printer are cool before removing it, otherwise you will get burned. The cutter will help you to get the model.

Voila - the print form is ready!

How to scan with a 3d printer

To use this wonderful printer as a scanner, you need to perform three manipulations.
  1. Place the item in the printer.
  2. Launch the XYZ Scan program, click on the "Scan" button and wait.
  3. Upload the image to your computer.

So, all the secrets of a 3D printer are revealed. Sorry, but Santa Claus is not. It's all a matter of technology.

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