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HOW TO CHOOSE A BASKETBALL - how to pump up a basketball, which one to buy for the street

To thrust a dunk through the hands of rivals, dexterity is not enough. The ball in your hands should sit like a glove. Therefore, the most important thing when choosing is its size. There are four of them.

The sizeCircumference, mm Weight, gStandard
7750-780 mm565-650 gMale
6730 mm530-550 gFemale
5700 mm450-500 gTeenage
3550-580 mm350 gChild

Types of basketballs

Choose the ball strictly according to its intended purpose, otherwise you will throw your money down the drain: it will go to waste after the fifth game.

The covering of the playground dictates strict rules for the covering of sports equipment.

INDOOR (professional) made of natural and composite leatherHall
INDOOR / OUTDOOR (universal) synthetic leatherstreet / hall
ALL SURFACEsynthetic leather or rubberany coverage

By the way, did you know? The traditional black line pattern on a basketball has two useful functions.

  • The ornament masks the joints of the leather strips from which the outer covering is made. In the classic version, there are eight connected panels. But there are copies with twelve.
  • The channels form an additional frame - for strength and protection against deformations. The width of the channels in professional basketball is strictly regulated by the rules - it does not exceed 6.35 mm.

Which basketball is better

Leather is a classic. It all began with the skin: the first balls were spherical - oblong, like for rugby. They were sewn from pieces of leather. They were laced to access the inner chamber. Such a projectile had to be pumped up several times per game.

Now everything has changed. Manufacturers use three basic materials to cover basketballs.

  • Rubber is unpretentious, withstands friction on asphalt. Rubber ones are produced in non-standard colors. This makes them visually appealing.
  • Synthetic leather is versatile. It is good both indoors and outdoors. Such a projectile is equally popular among novice players and basketball connoisseurs.
  • The leather ball is the most durable. This is how they play in the best leagues in the world, such as the NBA and the Euroleague.

For those not in the know, the "bumps" on a basketball are for a reason: they improve grip and minimize loss during play. There are up to 35 thousand points on the surface.

How to pump up a basketball

A well-inflated ball should have a pressure of 0.48-0.61 atmospheres. If you don't have a pressure gauge at hand, check it in practice:

  • lift it over your head and drop it on the floor
  • it should bounce to the level of your navel.

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) officially declares: “A ball thrown from a height of 180 cm should bounce to a height of 120 cm - 140 cm.This test method is suitable for shells made of various materials (rubber, artificial leather, natural leather, etc.) on sites of any hardness - asphalt, concrete, tartan, parquet».

Drive your basketball!

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