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HOW TO CHOOSE A FOOTBALL - which ball is best for football, good soccer balls

Size matters. This feminine truth works ironically when choosing a soccer ball. They are far from the same. In total, they are divided into five sizes.

The sizeCircleDiameterWeightApplication
№1up to 43 cmdoes not exceed 13.69 cmnot standardized
  • Used as advertising and souvenir
№243-56 cm16.47 cm283.5 g
  • Used as advertising
  • For toddler games
  • They practice the technique in training.
№357-61 cmno more than 19.42 cm311-340 gr, lightweight - up to 290 gr
  • For women and children under 8 years old
№463.5-66 cm20.2-21 cm369-425 g
  • This is a standard futsal ball
  • In football - for teenagers under 14
№568-70 cm21.6-22.3 cmup to 450 g
  • Used for yard and big football, including FIFA matches

Take into account the fact that soccer balls are conventionally divided into several categories.

  • Professional ones are suitable for playing on any surface and in any weather.
  • Training rooms are often used to play yard football. They have excellent grip on the field.
  • For mini-football (futsal) - with a smaller radius. Their rebound from the surface is noticeably lower.

If you figured out the size and type of the ball, find out what it is made of. Leather is the last century. This was how they played under Lobanovsky. He constantly loses momentum, he lacks elasticity. It takes a lot more effort to land a solid punch. Manufacturers rejected moisture-absorbing leather, and now they are massively riveting "casing" from polymers:

  • polyvinyl chloride - a durable material. It allows you to control the ball perfectly, even in the cold.
  • polyurethane - with even greater strength and durability. It is in demand among those looking for a good soccer ball.

Now the edges of the ball are not stitched, but glued at a high temperature without a single seam. This technology reduces the number of corner joints - zones of increased rigidity. Accordingly, the accuracy of the flight on impact has increased. However, expensive models are still sewn by hand.

Which ball is best for football

Inside, the soccer ball is a distant relative of the condom. Its chamber is made from 100% latex or butyl (rubber). The latter is pure synthetics that hold air for a long time. But if you have a choice, take it with a latex camera. You will have to pump it up more often, but your feet from the first minute of the game will feel the difference between elastic latex and "wooden" butyl. It will be more pleasant and softer to hit the ball. And the stability of the flight path is better.

For yard football, balls with a protector are good. There is more rubber in their lining, which retains its appearance for a long time. Those with more latex are designed for the lawn. When playing on asphalt, they turn into rags within two weeks.

Look at the drawing with all your eyes to recognize a beautiful fake from the firm.

  • On the cheap, inscriptions and images are stamped directly onto the "skin". There are no pattern joints on the seams.
  • For a good ball, the pattern is applied to the tire before stitching, so the image is complete.

If you are aiming exclusively at professional football, get ready to say goodbye to a decent amount. And follow the FIFA recommendations.

  • The FIFA approved ball for use on any field (except asphalt) bears the FIFA Inspected badge.
  • Professional, which is beaten by Pyatov and Yarmolenko, with the FIFA Approved logo.
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Watch the video test how the balls made of leather and polymer behave in the game