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WHICH JUICER IS BETTER AUGER OR CENTRIFUGAL - auger juicer what is it, which one to choose

Juicers which are better

Centrifugal juicers are indispensable for processing large quantities of fruits or vegetables: for the harvest - that's it! Even juicers with regular throat sizes are faster than augers. The second plus (however, for some it is a minus) is pure juice with almost no pulp.

Centrifugal (centrifugal, universal) juicers do well with hard vegetables and fruits - apples, carrots, pumpkins, pomegranates, etc. Powerful models are able to squeeze out 1 liter of nectar in half a minute. In these, it is convenient to process large volumes in order to preserve the juice for the winter.

The centrifugal mechanism is as simple as a copper penny. These juicers are equipped with blades, a sieve (one or two with holes of different diameters), and several containers for ready juice and for cake.

There are no difficulties in work:

  • the blades grind pieces of fruit;
  • at high speed (up to 24,000 rpm) the centrifuge is forced through the sieve;
  • juice flows out through the holes. Due to the speed, the drink foams, interacts with oxygen and oxidizes faster.

To avoid troubles in work, look at the availability of the model you like:

  • speed regulator. Use it to set an acceptable speed for fruits, berries and fruits. This will help reduce the head of the drink, because the law holds: the higher the speed, the more froth. Look for the list of speeds in the instructions for the device;
  • foam deflector prevents foam from entering the glass;
  • look on the filter mesh - it is stamped or mesh. Through the last cake comes out drier, and more juice. But it is more difficult to wash it;
  • the wider gutter neck diameter, the more convenient it is to throw vegetables and fruits. A whole apple will pass through the wide one. Don't have to waste time to cut;
  • the more voluminous cake container, the less often it will need to be cleaned.

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Auger juicer: what is it?

The device is not tricky - this is me for the question: "What is a screw juicer?" Works on the principle of a meat grinder:

  • products are crushed by a screw shaft (auger) at a speed of up to 120 rpm, and grind through a sieve;
  • under pressure the nectar is cleared of the cake and fed into the jug. The cake squeezes out well at the exit, it is almost dry, so the loss of the drink is minimal;
  • a thick, saturated juice is obtained. It has more pulp than squeezed out of a centrifuge.

The speed of work is the main difference when comparing, what is the difference between a screw juicer and a centrifugal one.

The screw models have a lower speed. They crush rather than crush fruits and vegetables, so they get cold-pressed juice. This one interacts less with oxygen and oxidizes more slowly. Vitamins are stored in it longer, the drink is healthier.

But such devices break more often. The reason is in particular the design.

  • Grinding food, the auger pushes them down. As the juice is squeezed out, the filling area between the screen and the roller is reduced while the beverage flows out and the waste passes through the narrow opening.
  • It sometimes clogs up. Especially when squeezing herbs or pitted fruits. The cake does not come out, waste accumulates. Their excess pushes the auger up.
  • The design of the screw juicer has an upper lock. At some point, the pressure becomes so strong that it stings. And it is impossible to disassemble the juicer.
  • Reverse (reverse) sometimes saves, but only up to a certain point. Then he is powerless.

To avoid ruining the juicer, chop up the grass and the stems will not wrap around the auger. Crush “problem” cherries, grapes and pomegranates with seedless fruits and vegetables.They push through stuck waste. If the cake stops coming out, stop the juicer, disassemble, clean, and only then resume work.

So, to summarize: which juicer is better - centrifugal or screw.


+ Suitable for fruits, vegetables, herbs and nuts

+ The juice does not foam and oxidizes more slowly

+ Squeezes out the healthiest juice

+ Well squeezes, at the exit of dry cake

+ Powerful, copes quickly with a large number of fruits

+ Easier to wash

+ Easily squeezes hard fruits and vegetables

- Works slower

- Breaks more often

- There is a lot of pulp in the juice

- Juice with foam

- Noises when working

The choice is simple: like canning juices, buy a centrifugal one, it is not whimsical at work. Appreciate a truly healthy juice, buy a screw model.

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