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HOW TO CHOOSE A SHADING NET - reviews, how to install a shading mesh, what protection to choose

Previously, to protect tomatoes and cucumbers from the sun, I mixed chalk or clay and sprayed the greenhouse on top. The solution dried up and darkened a little. But this "protection" worked until the first rain.

As soon as I bought the shading mesh, my torment was over. Now there is no park in the greenhouse. With sharp jumps in temperature, the air cools more slowly. And vegetables grown in the open field are not baked and do not wither. The land began to dry out less, although it is not often watered. And due to the fact that the moisture in the soil is much higher, I harvest strawberries, tomatoes and cucumbers two weeks longer than usual.

The mesh has different degrees of protection. Therefore, before deciding which sun protection to choose, look at the density of the weaving. It is measured in grams per square meter or percentage. If 45% or 45 g / m² is written, then sunlight without shading is taken as 100%. This means that the grid will scatter half of the sunlight. It also protects from birds and hail. Under such a shelter, it is good to dry berries and vegetables in the open air.

See the table for how to choose a shading mesh.

Protection degree (g / m2 or%)

What a shadow gives

What to hide



Cucumbers, watermelons, melons



Strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cabbage


Twilight, like under the trees in the forest

For fencing

The synthetic thread contains aluminum foil. Therefore, the grid not only scatters light, it also reflects heat and normalizes the temperature below its surface. Due to its color, it affects plants in different ways.

Mesh color

How does it affect plants


  • The harvest ripens 5-7 days earlier
  • Promotes an increase in fruit mass and size
  • Prevents rotting of plants

  • Protects from frost
  • Accelerates growth
  • Increases the number of shoots
Green and blue-green

  • Creates an ideal microclimate for the normal development of plants
  • Protects against UV and mildew

Prevents the development of mold and mildew


Prevents weed germination

The netting is sold in rolls up to 50-100 meters and in packages. Its cost varies depending on the width, height and length of the cut.

How to install a shading grid

The agro-mesh is light, but with a reinforced edge of the web. The stitches on it are located every 3 cm, so you can expand the fabric to any size. This is done in three ways:

  1. sew together,
  2. fasten with clips,
  3. do stretching with a cable or nylon cord.

To stretch the shading mesh, a supporting structure must be ready over the beds - the tubular frame of the greenhouse, the support posts of the fence or massive beams. When attaching, do not stretch the canvas, let it sag slightly. Under the gusts of wind, the net sails and breaks. Therefore, fasten it with a slight overlap and do not save.

A good mesh can handle a lot of stress. Will last 3-6 years. I recommend manufacturers Tenax (Italy), Juta (Czech Republic) and Verdemax (China).

Watch the video on how to choose a grid for shading vegetables

Shading grid: reviews

Salogub Alexandra: «I bought it for the beds. The mesh shades well. Robust, lightweight, easy to install, has been in service for the third season».

Egor: «Stops gusts of wind, protects from birds».

Grisha Drubushev: «I put it on the front gardens, now in the heat, when in the shade under +30, the flowers watered in the morning do not burn under the sun, but smell fragrant».

Efremov Yuri: «I bought for vegetables and strawberries so that they would not burn in the sun. The mesh copes with its task, the heat does not hinder their development! It's good that there are factory mounting holes on the sides - this is very convenient».

Albert: «I took it and I do not regret it.I use it when it's hot, and on young seedlings».

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