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TABLE SERVICE - how to properly serve in order to beautifully decorate and set a festive table at home, serving rules

The table setting is based on four whales. Whether you are serving a regular breakfast or a gorgeous dinner, the rules are irreplaceable. Remember them!

Clean ironed tablecloth

Tablecloth - serving background. For a celebration, lay a plain one, ideally with decorative elements. For home gatherings or tea drinking - multi-colored. Bright flowers and contrasting patterns are always pleasing to the eye.

Say a categorical "No!" practical oilcloth. And even more so, do not cover the tablecloth with it. If you are worried that your family or guests will get it dirty, place a plastic or cloth napkin under the plate. Better yet, woven straw or bamboo placemats. Treat everything philosophically: beauty and comfort will grind everything!

The edges of the tablecloth should hang no more than 50 cm, and the corners should cover the legs of the table. The long border interferes with those who are seated.

Cookware in the same style and color

Do not confuse plates for every day and for celebrations. The eclectic style (out of sync) is allowed only in everyday life! For celebrations, take the trouble to buy a harmonious set.

Choose an elegant table service to match the tablecloth, depending on the scope of the feast and the number of guests. Cookware without a pattern is a pertinent classic of all times and styles. An original edging or print of any color will give a zest. Napkins folded underneath will decorate the festive table in a special way.

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Table setting rules

Setting the table correctly is the main wisdom! Now let's arm ourselves with it!

  • In the middle of each seat, the spacer plate goes first. She will correct "force majeure" in the form of spilled soup or a spilled garnish.
  • There should be no more than three paired cutlery near the plate. Place knives and spoons on the right side, forks on the left.

According to etiquette: the blade of the knife should "look" at the plate, the teeth of the fork should be pointed upwards.

It is supposed to use cutlery from edge to center:

- put a knife and a fork for a snack at the most extreme from the plate;

- following them - a tablespoon;

- then - a fish knife with a fork;

- and - meat knife and fork.

  • A pie saucer is placed on the left, because we take the bread with our left hand.
  • Glasses, glasses and shot glasses are on the right. Usually arranged in decreasing order, starting with a larger capacity. The stronger the wine, the smaller the glass it is poured into.

It is customary to start the holiday with cold dishes - salads, sandwiches and snacks. Then they serve hot. And finally - dessert.

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Don't ignore the spices

Everyone has different tastes: some are sharper, some are saltier. Do not forget to put spices and seasonings on the table, depending on the menu. At least salt and pepper.

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Let your holiday tables be the most beautiful and full of treats!