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WHICH JACK IS BETTER - types of jacks, how to choose for a car, bottle or rolling

Types of jacks for cars:

  • Helical rhombic

    Powered by a long screw diagonally installed in a four-sided frame. To raise the jack, you have to rotate the screw. In this case, the tops of the frame on the screw approach, and the free ones diverge, resting against the ground and against the car.

  • Hydraulic telescopic (bottle)

    Inside the "bottle" there is a working fluid, a piston and a valve. The lever pumps the liquid into the working chamber and raises the piston. To lower it, move the valve to the opposite position. In some models, the piston consists of two segments, one of which protrudes from the second, wider one.

  • Hydraulic trolley

    The working essence is the same as that of the bottle, but it looks completely different. It has a wide base on casters that rolls under the car. The piston pushes the stop at an angle, as a result of which it rises, and the jack drives deeper under the car.

  • Rack and pinion

    It is easily recognizable by the long (~ 1 m) frame with holes. The frame is installed on the side of the machine and is sure to stick to the handle from above. Allows you to hook the machine to the wheel or external hooks. The lifting platform moves along the frame by means of a mechanical clutch and is activated by a long lever.

  • Inflatable

    A bag made of sturdy material that is filled with exhaust gases or pumped up with a pneumatic pump. Will not make you sweat and get dirty.

How to choose a jack: 3 main parameters

  1. Lifting capacity: the mass that the jack can lift.
  2. Pick-up height: the minimum height from which he can start lifting the machine.
  3. Lift height: the maximum height that he can lift the machine.

That is, the choice of a jack for your car begins with a study of its technical characteristics. If the second and third parameters are not indicated in them, measure them yourself. You will get the pickup height by fully deflating the tires on one side and measuring the distance from the ground to the intended stop point of the jack. Lift height - adding 10-20 cm to the ground clearance, depending on the car model. Carrying capacity is 30% less than the weight of the car.

Which jack to choose: "pros" and "cons" of each: table

Which jack is better



Helical rhombic

  • Helical rhombic
  • The cheapest
  • The easiest
  • Low pickup height
  • For cars and SUVs
  • Unreliable
  • Slowest climb
  • Requires great physical effort
  • Not very stable
  • Poor off-road
  • Without rubber lining, it is used only in the regular place of the bottom
Hydraulic telescopic (bottle)

  • Reliable
  • Quite comfortable
  • Double rods provide three times the lifting height of the jack
  • Suitable for cars and trucks
  • Large pick-up height
  • Low lifting height for single-piston
  • Small fulcrum - cannot be placed under the body
  • Must be stored upright
  • Little stable
Hydraulic trolley

  • The most comfortable
  • The most reliable
  • Low pick-up height
  • High lifting height
  • Safe
  • Suitable for vehicles of any weight
Heavy (10 kg or more)

Rack and pinion

  • Ideal for off-road SUVs
  • Very low lifting height - you can lift a vehicle stuck in mud
  • High lifting height
  • Very wobbly
  • Extremely traumatic

  • Easy
  • Doesn't require physical effort
  • Fast rise
  • Unreliable
  • Unstable
  • Traumatic

How to choose a rolling jack: 4 signs of quality

The choice of a rolling jack does not require getting into the complex nuances of its design.Just look to have:

  1. Metal wheels.
  2. Pin for mechanical fixation (no additional support required when working under the car).
  3. Carrying handle on the case.
  4. Rubber pad on the thrust platform (will allow you to substitute it under any point of the bottom).
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