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HOW TO CHOOSE A GRATER - which grater is better for Korean carrots

A mechanical or electric grater is convenient for its high productivity: with its help it is easy to prepare a "bowl" of salad or a battery of preserves. But it needs to be disassembled and washed, which is tedious with daily small cooking. Therefore, the classic manual analogue is a true must-have for any housewife.

Joseph Joseph Fold Flat Grater - 90 degree handle flexes, non-slip grater

Graters and shredders are made from three materials.

  • Tin-plated tin plate. It is cheaper than stainless steel and can last a long time with proper care.
  • Stainless steel. It does not oxidize on contact with food, and if it were not dull, it would serve forever.
  • Plastic. Grated boiled vegetables do not stick to it.

Fresh vegetables and fruits grated on a steel grater are believed to lose vitamins. This is not entirely true: oxygen oxidizes vitamins, and metals only speed up the process. The most active catalyst is iron. Stainless steel is 100% inert and does not affect the amount of nutrients in an apple or carrot.

On a tetrahedral or hexagonal grater, you quickly chop vegetables into perfectly even slices for frying or on a salad. With a shredder, you can easily cut food into cubes: just a few minutes and a bowl of vinaigrette or Korean carrots are ready.

Foldable Joseph Joseph Fold Flat Grater requires a minimum of storage space

It is convenient to work with a grater with wide edges (from 10 cm) if you adapt to move the product in a horizontal plane.

Additional equipment that expands the functionality of your assistant:

  • rubberized bottom - gives stability to the grater;
  • food holder - protects fingers from cuts (but not all vegetables can be placed in it);
  • transparent container walls - allow you to keep track of the amount of grated product.

What is the best grater for Korean carrots

Depends on the diameter of the holes: the larger they are, the thicker and juicier the pieces are. Long thin stripes only come out on rectangular blades.

How to choose a safe grater

The most dangerous graters are unmarked. If they are made of an alloy of poor quality, metal particles bind with the juice of vegetables, fruits and other active substances. They enter food and then into the body, negatively affecting health.

Safe graters.

  • Stainless steel of a domestic manufacturer marked NERZH 18/10, where 18% chromium and 10% nickel. This alloy does not rust.
  • Steel with the designation Stainless or Stainless Steel, from which quality products are made in Turkey and Europe.

An alternative to metal is colorless food grade plastic. Avoid the brightly colored grater - it's a ticking time bomb. In contact with food, they spice up each serving of grated vegetables with a micro dose of phenol or lead.

Safe plastic graters are made from polypropylene or ABS plastic. When choosing a shredder, look for one of these signs on it.

Do not buy a grater if there are even small specks of rust on it. Rust is dangerous to health: penetrating into the body, it leads to pathologies of the digestive system and provokes the development of cancer.

The tin float is washed with warm water and wiped dry so that the steel does not rust.

Pay attention to the quality of materials and workmanship:

  • flimsy plastic that bends when pressed can crack;
  • a pungent odor signals toxic substances;
  • if parts dangle or creak at the attachment points, the product will not last long.

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