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HOW TO APPLY FILM ON A PHONE - how to stick a protective film

How to put a film on your phone quickly.

  1. Remove the old film, wipe the screen clean.
  2. Take a new film, remove the bottom protective layer from it.
  3. Gently (without touching the sticky side with your fingers) take the film, attach it to the screen.
  4. Use a plastic card to smooth it out, smoothing the bubbles that appear to the edges.

  1. The film must be glued exactly

    There are unique ones with a laser eye and iron control of fine motor skills. There are lucky people for whom plus or minus a millimeter is nonsense. We are not like that: we want perfect, but she always lays down on the phone crookedly.

  2. Dust under the film

    If you don't live in Antarctica or in a processor assembly shop, dust will find you. She flies over your shoulder and waits for you to blink. Blinked - and she is already on the screen.

  3. Air bubbles

    During the gluing, the film strives to grab air, as if it is now in a public restroom. She spat in order and beauty.

And now - clever ways to solve these problems.

How to stick the protective film evenly

  • Without removing from the protective cover, place it on the screen with the required accuracy.
  • Cut two pieces of tape, each 3 cm long.

  • Press down on the tape to keep it from moving, and glue the ends of the tape to the narrow end of the tape. Both pieces should be at one end of the tape.
  • Place the loose ends of the tape over the body of the phone.
  • As a result, the tape will become a kind of door hinges that allow the film to be thrown away, but do not allow it to move horizontally.

How to stick the film on your phone without dust

Try to arrange bright side lighting - specks of dust and dirt are clearly visible in it.

  1. Location: away from rags

    Textiles generate the most dust, so stay away from clothing and upholstered furniture. Better to glue in the bathroom.

  2. Tool: spray bottle

    Spray all the air in the room with water. Small drops "grab" the dust particles and settle together with them. But they will evaporate quickly, so do not create unnecessary air movements near the floor.

  3. Procedure: first dirt, then dust

    Discard the film on the hinges. Use a microfiber cloth and screen cleaner to wipe the display and the protective film covering. Use the supplied sticky napkin to go over the entire surface of the film and screen. When doing this, hold it above the screen like a roof. A wool roller and yellow construction tape are also suitable.

Sticking film on your phone without air bubbles

We remind you: the film is in the "roof" position :)

  1. Glue tape to its free end. It will act as a handle for holding the film.
  2. Carefully peel off the protective covering.
  3. Pull it on the "loops".
  4. Bend it in an arc and roll it onto the screen in a wave. Do this slowly, pressing lightly with the finger of your free hand. The finger should be gluing the film from edge to edge.

If the film is on the glass with dust particles or with air

Stick the tape to the closest edge of the film. Peel back the edge carefully and:

  • remove the speck of dust with a strip of adhesive tape


  • squeeze the air out with the edge of your bank card.


Don't put the tape on a puddle of alcohol, as some YouTube craftsmen advise. Alcohol can easily get under the glass of the screen and "draw" stains for you.

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Watch the video on how to glue the film on glass

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