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Chromebook: What is a Chromebook (google chromebook), which one to choose a Chromebook laptop

Chromebook (from English chromebook) is a kind of netbook that runs Chrome OS. This operating system, developed by Google, offers a non-standard approach to mobile devices. The main feature is that programs are not installed on the hard drive. They are located in the "cloud", on Google data servers and are accessed through the Chrome browser.

Over the past year, such devices have become more popular. So, at the end of 2013, Chromebooks reached ~ 25% of notebook sales in the under $ 300 category in the States. In Europe, the figures are about the same. In addition, Chromebooks made up ~ 25% of all gadgets that were purchased by schools.

At a time when tablets are being squeezed out of the netbook market, this situation seems strange. However, the reality is that everything except watching videos and reading requires a keyboard. At the same time, many users who are not very good at computers appreciate the simplicity that a Chromebook provides. Therefore, the proportion of people who use Chromebooks for their daily work is growing.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of Chromebooks?


  • efficient and safe storage of information - all user data files are stored on "cloud" services. Among the pluses: if something happens to the device, the information will not be lost. In addition, you do not need a lot of space on the device itself to store information;
  • high download speed. With a stable and high-speed network connection, the Chromebook boots very quickly - up to ten seconds. This is better than Windows devices that take up to a minute to start up. From sleep mode, the Chromebook is displayed almost instantly, like the same iPad;
  • Convenient use of applications - You don't need to install programs on your Chromebook, as well as update them yourself. Access to them is also carried out via the Internet - click on the shortcut on the desktop and the program from the "cloud" is launched on your computer;
  • Chrome OS is resistant to viruses and other malware.

  • dependence on the quality of communication; without a stable Internet connection, the Chromebook loses its efficiency, although you can edit documents, as well as use some programs offline;
  • rigid binding to Google cloud services - information is stored only with them;
  • the choice of software is limited by Google products, if the range of your tasks is specific and requires a special software, then you will not be able to install a third-party program. At the same time, the range of software products is constantly expanding.
To summarize, the main audience for Chromebooks is people who are not computer experts. They want a simple yet effective tool for working with documents and on the web. These devices are relatively cheap, reliable, easy to handle, and virus resistant. Google continues to improve devices by partnering with leading manufacturers, developing new programs and updating old ones.