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WHAT TO PRESENT FOR NEW HOUSING - what is traditionally given for housewarming

What do they give for housewarming

Do not think that people who have moved to a new apartment lack pots or bed linen. Just drive that thought away from you. Buy an envelope, put money in it, take a bottle of good wine, you can replace it with cognac, whiskey and even a box of tea or coffee - and go visit.

Well, if you want to show off your originality, take an extraordinary gift with you. Here are our ideas for you.

Electric fireplace

To create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the house, give the new settlers an electric fireplace. After all, you can endlessly look at the "live" fire. Moreover, firewood, a layer of ash, pulsating coals and smoke look more than realistic.

  • In some models, water is poured into the fireplace reservoir for the illusion of smoke. Steam humidifies the air, there will be a good microclimate in the room. And you don't need a humidifier.
  • For the effect of "embers", firewood with LEDs is placed in the hearth. A realistic projection of the fire is created using light and rotating mirrors on the back of the fireplace. Spectacular!
  • And some fireplaces are generally impressive: the hearth is filled with acrylic cubes that imitate ice. Ice cubes perfectly reflect the multicolored range of colors. Creates the effect of an enchanting flame. You just can't take your eyes off!

A very fashionable and energy-saving piece! And you don't even need to think, just choose. With such a gift, you express your good feelings for the addressee.


The toaster will make the “not good” morning easier: it will make breakfast special and complement the lunch with delicious crunchy croutons. Choose a model with an adjustable toast compartment. Then you can toast various slices of bread, rolls, paninis and even croissants.

Convenient and fast gadget. Thanks to its rich color palette, it will fit into any interior.

Brush stand for knives

It is not accepted to give knives for housewarming, but there are exceptions. Present together with the "piercing-cutting" set an unusual brush stand with plastic or graphite straw. There are so many tubes that they form a dense layer and reliably hold the knives.

Such a gift is worth a lot:

  • insert knives without worrying about hitting accuracy;
  • The brush is suitable for any, and ceramic too. The blades are not dull in it :);
  • takes up little space, but it has more capacity than a stand with slots;
  • taking care of the brush is as easy as shelling pears: the removable part can be easily removed and inserted into place. It washes equally well under running water and in the dishwasher.

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Organizers for storing things

An organizer for things is what you need if you want to give the new settlers something useful for the home. Any hostess strives for order and dreams of not cluttering up the space with unnecessary things. It is convenient to sort everything you need in drawers and shelves. Things will be neatly folded, while taking up a minimum of space.

Compartments for linen, shoes and other small things are a true must-have for the idea of ​​"What to give at the entrance".

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Salt lamp

The salt lamp is a valuable gift. It will serve as a night light in the bedroom, become an unusual element of decor in the house, and even reduce fatigue and increase immunity.

It is believed that salt purifies the air and normalizes the indoor climate. For proper distribution of energy, salt lamps are installed in dark corners and places where there is a lack of vitality.

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Baking dish

A cake baked with his own hand, and even presented in a chic form, is a very personal thing.This kind of hand-made is a privilege for those whose talent is recognized by those to whom the gift is intended.

In a ceramic and porcelain dish, the dish is baked evenly. The material absorbs moisture during baking. These molds are resistant to splitting and can withstand temperatures up to 250 ° C. They will decorate any festive table with dignity. The main thing is that the gift is from the heart!

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