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HOW TO CHOOSE SPEAKERS for a computer, what acoustics is better to choose and buy

Want to enjoy powerful and clear sound? will tell you which acoustics are the best.

How to choose speakers for your computer

Portable speakers, thanks to their light weight and compact design, can always be taken with you on the road. Before deciding which speakers to buy, consider the material of construction of the device. It has the ability to absorb sound vibrations. Which acoustics is better is up to you:

  • wood speakers are chosen by true music lovers, since the sound is displayed brighter and richer in them. Unlike plastic ones, they do not rattle at high sound frequencies;
  • speakers with a plastic case are distinguished by their original design and reasonable cost.

Remember: regardless of the speaker material, the sound will be more spacious if the device is equipped with a bass reflex that boosts bass. It can be easily identified by the enlarged circular recess on the panel.

Check out the specifications to help you choose the right speakers. Pay attention to the frequency range of the sound. Standard - 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Please note: the human hearing does not perceive the frequency above 20 kHz.

The optimum output power is 30 watts. The smaller the size of the device, the more modest the power and the quieter the sound. The minimum average volume is 1.5W per speaker.

Be aware: if you notice too high power values ​​in the characteristic of small speakers, this is just an advertising gimmick. These values ​​often indicate the power threshold of the device. The acoustics will withstand only a few seconds at maximum load. Then it will break.

Tip: if you want the acoustics to serve you for a long time, do not set the volume controls to maximum. The optimal value is up to 80%.

If you want a rich soundtrack, choose with two speakers. This two-way system reproduces low and high frequencies to each speaker and divides them into different speakers for precise sound localization.

Which speakers are the best?

To determine which acoustics is better, pay attention to the number of channels:

  • 2.0 - there are two speakers included. This is the most practical budget option;
  • 2.1 - the set includes a subwoofer and two speakers. An excellent option for exciting games and listening to musical compositions. The subwoofer reproduces bass and low frequencies without distortion;
  • 5.1 - subwoofer and five speakers, which are tuned for games with surround sound. Regardless of the type of source (stereo or multichannel audio via optical input), converts audio from a sound card, console or set-top box into incredible surround sound. He will immerse you in the thick of virtual events.

Thanks to the connection of acoustics via Bluetooth at a distance of up to 10 meters, you can listen to music wirelessly. At the same time, the sound quality does not differ at all from a wired connection.

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Now you know how to choose acoustics for your computer.

What acoustics have you chosen? Write in your comments what characteristics your choice was based on.

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