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HOW TO CHOOSE A WASHING VACUUM CLEANER - which one to choose and is it better to buy, washing or with an aquafilter

The trick of a washing vacuum cleaner is that it is able to perform several tasks at the same time: it collects dust and carries out general wet cleaning, freshening the air.

“” offers to figure out how to choose a washing vacuum cleaner and which one is better?

Washing vacuum cleaner: customer reviews

Models that use an aquafilter receive excellent reviews from consumers. The main criteria of a washing vacuum cleaner is the ability to clean, clean, wash and save you money.

Sergey Polishchuk, sales manager of the online store, noted that when buying a washing unit, buyers take into account four important points:

  • price;
  • quality;
  • brand recognition;
  • warranty service.

The advantage of a washing vacuum cleaner:

  • the possibility of dry and wet cleaning;
  • washing floors, cleaning carpets, floor coverings, windows;
  • litter cleaning;
  • collects spilled liquid;
  • deodorizes (refreshes) the room;
  • filters and humidifies the air.


  • large dimensions, heavy weight;
  • it is necessary to fill and drain water and dry the tanks;
  • high price.

How to choose a washing vacuum cleaner

Consider the following parameters when choosing a unit:

  • power... When buying a vacuum cleaner, pay attention not to the maximum power consumption, but to the suction power. Some expensive vacuum cleaners (with the same suction power) have several times less power consumption than cheap models. A cheap vacuum cleaner consumes several times more electricity. The suction power ranges from 250 to 480 W - the more it is, the better the cleaning is. 300W is enough for cleaning linoleum, parquet, short pile carpet. Pet hair or carpets with deep pile, cleaned at higher power;
  • dust filtration system in vacuum cleaner... During the cleaning process, dirt and dust pass through the water and settle in it. But 1.5-2% of dust microparticles are not captured by the aquafilter, therefore additional fine filters are used in the washing units - carbon filters of the HEPA and S class. They differ from each other in the efficiency of particle retention and service life:
    • S-class filter filters 99.97% of dust;
    • HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particutate Air) - provides filtration of 99.95%;
    • in the presence of a HEPA H 13 filter, the efficiency is not less than 99.95%;
    • HEPA H 10-12 - less effective;
  • tube and hose... Modern models are equipped with telescopic tubes (their length is adjustable). There are:
    • plastic - cheaper and lighter;
    • aluminum;
    • steel - durable.
  • Some models have an electronic control unit on the handset. There are two types.
  1. wired: it is harder to use the tube, but the price of a washing vacuum cleaner is cheaper;
  2. wireless: there are two types of control:
    • radio control - more reliable;
    • infrared - it works on batteries, but sometimes it does not work out of line of sight (for example, there will be an obstacle in the form of a TV or a sofa);
  • nozzles... The set of the washing vacuum cleaner includes 5-7 attachments:

    • for dry cleaning (with the "floor / carpet" mode);
    • for wet cleaning;
    • for upholstered furniture;
    • for washing glasses;
    • plunger and others;
  • dimensions... Washing vacuum cleaners are:

    • vertical have a cylindrical or trapezoidal body. Cylindrical models are larger and heavier. They are equipped with capacious reservoirs for clean and polluted water. This is a semi-professional technique for cleaning large areas;
    • horizontal outwardly do not differ from ordinary vacuum cleaners. These are maneuverable devices for small city apartments. The volume of clean water tanks for washing vacuum cleaners is from 2.3 to 10 liters. For waste liquid, more - from 5 to 20 liters. For cleaning a three-room apartment, a volume of 5-7 liters is enough. To indicate the fullness of the container, a float valve is installed in the device, which automatically turns off the engine in case of excessive filling.The size and weight of a washing vacuum cleaner depends on the volume of the tanks.
  • ease of use... After each use of the washing vacuum cleaner, it is cleaned. Tanks for clean and waste water are arranged differently in the case of the models.
  1. Bucky one above the other... Detergent and water are poured into the upper reservoir for clean water, after opening two locks on the body and removing the lid. To drain the dirt, not only the cover is removed, but also the upper tank.
  2. Container-in-container arrangement of tanks... A removable detergent tank is installed inside the tank to collect dirty water. To fill the vacuum cleaner with water or cleaning solution, the upper part of the case is removed from the latches and the removable tank is removed. During cleaning, the waste water fills the remaining volume of the container.
  3. Tank in the form of a removable cassette on the outside of the vacuum cleaner body... The spent solution in this tank is cleaned and fed back to the pump.

The 5 best vacuum cleaners this year

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Top sales:

  • ZELMER Aquawelt ZVC752STUA (919.0 ST);
  • THOMAS TWIN Tiger;
  • ZELMER Aquawelt Plus ZVC762STUA (VC7920.0ST);
  • THOMAS Twin Helper;
  • THOMAS TWIN aquafilter TT parquet.

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