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HOW TO CHOOSE A STEAMER - types of steamers, their pros and cons

To save time, choose a more powerful steamer: it cooks faster. For ease of use, pay attention to the control system. The types of steamers are different.

Electronic devices are multifunctional:

  • adjust the cooking time depending on the weight of the products;
  • automatically keep the cooked dish warm for up to twelve hours in a row;
  • thanks to the indicator, they simplify the control of the water level in the tank - when it is critical, the steamer signals that it is time to top up the water.
  • plan the time for preparing lunch if you use the delay start function until a certain time.
  • notify about the readiness of the dish with a sound signal.

Mechanical steamers are easier and more convenient to use. Good for those who don't like to bother with electronics. Use the rotary knob to set the cooking time; after the time has elapsed, the appliance will turn off automatically. But with the help of mechanics, it will not be possible to delay the start or keep the dish heated. Therefore, busy people are better off looking at electronic devices.

All about steamers: tips for use

Before choosing a steamer, read user reviews on the forums or on the website. We present our view on the advantages and disadvantages of different types of steamers.

Features of steamers, their functionsprosMinuses
Bowls of different sizes
  • The containers are folded into each other on the principle of matryoshka dolls;
  • take up less space in the closet.
  • The bowls cannot be rearranged during cooking if you need to bring the dish to readiness faster.
Removable bottom for containers
  • It is convenient to cook large poultry: instead of two bowls, get one roomy one;
  • large openings for steam outlet are easier to clean from fat and food debris;
  • the smells of the dishes do not mix.
  • From the products on the upper tiers, juice flows down to the lower bowls.
Condensate accumulator
  • The large tank does not overflow during the cooking period.
  • If the pallet is too small, you will have to interrupt cooking, disassemble the structure and drain the liquid.
Functions "Quick start" or "Vitamin +"
  • Accelerate the formation of steam;
  • products are cooked faster, the loss of nutrients is minimal.
  • The increased power of the device consumes more watts.
Spice compartment
  • Steam passes through the spice mesh and enriches the dish with aromas.
  • Affects the cost of the device.
Steam Bowl Material
  • Glass and steel bowls keep heat better;
  • plastic containers are more convenient, they are easier to remove and wash.
  • Steel and glass containers are heavier than plastic ones;
  • thin plastic is damaged faster.

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