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PROJECTOR OR TV - a projector instead of a TV, a large TV or a projector, which is better

The quality of projectors is increasing, TVs are getting cheaper. The leaders in Smart TV sales are still SONY, LG and SAMSUNG. Chinese manufacturers Hisense and Xiaomi are confidently stepping on their heels. But not a single budget segment.

At IFA 2018, LG unveiled roll-up TVs. They did IT using OLED panels with an OLED array. Televisions feature ultra-thin panels up to 4 mm thick. They have incredibly bright and vibrant colors and significant contrast. The diagonals of the models range from 65-90 ″ (inches). Buying such a TV is an expensive pleasure. 65 ″ models are priced at 5-7 thousand dollars ($).

From the trends, 4K resolution has strengthened. And HDR technology is actively developing. It makes the image even more contrasting. OLED matrices with HDR in tandem with the framelessness of a large TV, makes the image literally jump out of the virtual space. Like in 3D. And to break into ours is real.

With OLED TVs alone, 3D is history. Curved screens too. 3D projectors are used in movie theaters. And the size of the image plays an important role in this.

Projector manufacturers are also aiming for 4K. With the diagonals they give out, this is justified. HDR is introduced, advanced models are switching to laser light sources. Or at least LED ones. They serve indefinitely for up to ten years. Lamp tubes are gradually moving away. There are more and more models in the short throw format that are installed under the screen. The cost of such devices, like TVs, is also impressive.

SONY and LG are already building Smart functionality into projectors. For good money, Optoma and Benq offer good 4K models.

TV or projector

TV setsProjectors
  • Leading Smart TV Sales
  • OLED matrices are being improved
  • Delivers incredibly bright, vibrant colors and contrast even in bright indoor light
  • Affordable 4K models
  • HDR introduced
  • Switch to laser light sources
  • Give an image in 100-200 ″
  • 3D support
  • 3D technology departs
  • Doesn't broadcast a widescreen image
  • Short throw - expensive
  • Image fades in bright light

For $ 1,000, you can buy a 47-52 ″ Smart TV with 4K and HDR, with an Internet connection and a normal operating system. Or get a Full HD lamp projector from the brands Benq, Epson, Acer and Optoma without Smart functionality. They give out an image of 100-200 inches - there would be a place on the wall. As a last resort, you can buy a video projector screen for your budget.

It is more convenient to watch movies and play on the set-top box on the projector. The picture on a 100 "diagonal looks more impressive than on a 49" TV. And there is no need to clarify the difference in the immersion effect. No 4K with HDR will pull out here. And 3D support involves so much that you don't have time to come to your senses.

In the dark with a diagonal of 50-60 inches, a powerful LED projector and an LED TV do not differ in image quality. But if you turn on the light or open the curtains, and the picture changes. If you do not use a special reflective screen, the image from the projector will fade. 800 ANSI Lm models offer news and videos without requiring a deep dive. However, the TV in this case will transmit more saturated colors and give a greater contrast of the image.

What do you think: is it worth buying a projector instead of a TV? Write your opinion in the comments below this article.

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