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What is an airfryer - how to use an airfryer correctly (recipes), what you can cook, the pros and cons of the principle of operation

An airfryer is a kitchen unit for cooking food. It consists of a glass bulb with a lid on which a heating element and a fan are located. The principle of operation of the airfryer: the heater heats the air that enters the flask through the lid with many holes, and the fan circulates it. The food in the flask is heated evenly from all sides. You can find details about the operation of a particular model in the instructions for use of the airfryer. In this article, we will touch on how to properly use the airfryer and prepare food.

Advantages and disadvantages of the airfryer

Convection ovens can replace a microwave oven, toaster, stove, oven, double boiler. What are the pros and cons of an airfryer? Let's try to figure it out.

Advantages of aero grills:

  • multifunctionality;
  • no fat or oil is needed for cooking food in the airfryer;
  • food retains its qualities better during the cooking process;
  • the ability to cook several dishes at once;
  • the airfryer is relatively compact, it is easy to transport, use, for example, in the country;
  • sterilization of cans for canning, drying of mushrooms, berries and fruits;
  • long-term heating modes make it possible to smoke and simmer food;
  • there are no restrictions on the material of the dishes - food is cooked in wooden and metal dishes, unlike the microwave, in which you cannot even put cups with shiny enamel.
Food should be cooked on the lower or middle wire rack. The bottom grill is the best option, especially for a large piece of meat or whole poultry.


  • the airfryer does not do everything equally well. For example, steaming is weak;
  • the use of the unit is not always justified - the volume of the flask of the airfryer is 10-12 liters and it is not worth starting it to heat up a couple of bowls of soup, it is better to use a microwave;
  • the glass bulb gets very hot during the operation of the unit, which is unsafe, especially if there are small children in the house.

What are the aerogrills. Characteristics of aero grills

Conventionally, the units are divided into types A and B. The first includes electric grills with electronic control, several operating speeds and the corresponding price. Type B includes inexpensive airfryer with mechanical control and one mode of operation.

Before starting cooking, the appliance must be warmed up for 10 minutes without food at the maximum temperature. The unit is placed so as not to accidentally touch it during operation - it may be hot. For baking, purchase special dishes made of thin glass. In such a dish, baked goods will cook better. After self-cleaning, wipe the flask with a soft dry cloth.

When choosing an airfryer, pay attention to the following:

  • type of control. This is the main criterion that divides aerogrills into units for cooking and universal devices that combine a stove oven, toaster, microwave oven, dryer, etc. Convection grills have mechanical and electronic (or touch) control. The former are simpler and cheaper. However, their capabilities are limited to a single blowing speed of the fan. The latter have more speeds and modes of operation. Automatic units provide a wider range of fan speeds
  • the volume of the airfryer. The volume of the glass bowl varies between 7 and 17 liters. In some models, the volume is changed using special rings that are put on the bowl. One ring increases the volume of the bowl to 5 liters.
  • lid fixing method. The covers are removable, and those that are attached to the bracket. Units with removable covers are compact. But during operation, the lid creates additional difficulties - it is inconvenient to hold it in your hands, you need a special stand.The lid on the bracket is safer and requires additional space to fold back.
  • type of heating element - a tubular or halogen heater is used.

Cooking in the airfryer

What can and how to cook properly in the airfryer? Below are some recipes for cooking in the Airfryer.

Pizza in the airfryer

For quick cooking pizza you will need:

  • ham or sausage;
  • tomatoes, peppers, cheese, mushrooms;
  • egg;
  • 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise;
  • 3 tablespoons flour;
  • soda (slaked with vinegar).

How to cook:

  • knead a batter from an egg, flour and soda, quenched with vinegar;
  • cut sausage, tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms;
  • we warm up the unit;
  • the dough is poured into a mold greased with vegetable oil and baked for 10 minutes at 230-240⁰C and medium speed;
  • after that, the filling is laid out on the dough;
  • bake for 10 minutes at 205-210⁰C at high speed.

Fry the sunflower seeds in the airfryer

We warm up the unit for 6 minutes. Put the seeds in the steamer and place them on the upper wire rack. Fry for 10 minutes at 260⁰C.

Smoking in an airfryer

For smoking, aromas are important, which are difficult to obtain at home. Therefore, experienced people advise using alder flavors and "liquid smoke". The easiest way to smoke pork is because it takes the least time and tastes better than smoked beef. Any fish is smoked - from exotic marine fish to common crucian carp, which you caught in a local pond.

Smoking fish in the airfryer:

  • gut the fish and rinse with water;
  • rub on all sides with table salt, grease with "liquid smoke" from the outside and from the inside;
  • leave the fish for 40-60 minutes to soak;
  • before smoking, we tie it with a rope and put it on the grate in the center of the airfryer;
  • the smoking temperature is from 150 to 180⁰C and depends on the type of fish. Recommended for carp 150⁰C, for mackerel - 180⁰C;
  • smoking time - 25-30 minutes, speed - medium;
  • after smoking, grease the fish with oil, sprinkle with spices to taste and wrap in foil to cool.

How to smoke meat in an airfryer:

  • we wash the meat;
  • rub with garlic, salt, seasonings to taste and "liquid smoke";
  • leave to marinate for an hour;
  • heat up the airfryer and put alder shavings on the bottom, put the meat on the lower or middle shelf. To make the meat soaked better, pour a little water into the pan;
  • Airfryer program: 240⁰C, time - half an hour, medium fan speed.

Grilled chicken in the airfryer

For a simple recipe for grilled chicken you will need:

  • chicken carcass 1.2-2.5 kg;
  • package of curry spices;
  • half a lemon;
  • a pinch of red pepper;
  • salt.


  • my gutted chicken, sprinkle with curry;
  • put the carcass on the top grill of the airfryer;
  • cook for about an hour at a temperature of 220-250⁰C.

You can watch another recipe for cooking grilled chicken in the video below. If you are interested in these devices, then on our website you will find airfryer of all types and characteristics.