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WHAT HEADPHONES ARE BETTER - OPEN OR CLOSED: what is the difference, what are the best for music in terms of sound quality, what is the difference

Which headphones are better: open (they are considered overhead by design) or closed (called full-size): completely soundproofing or partially transmitting external sounds? Well, let's try for the last time to figure out which ones to choose for music. Compare the full-size AVC 500 (closed) and AVA 400 (open).

Common to the two models:

  • Self-adjusting headband mechanism. You do not need to control the height of the device. Regardless of the shape of the head, the headphones select the optimal fit - even the brightest "tadpoles" will be able to listen to music around the clock.
  • 6.3 mm adapter included. With it, you can connect to a sound card or video system, and without it - to a computer or player.
  • Comfortable body design. The cups rotate in all directions and are held by plastic hinges. The wires are hidden in carriers made in the form of tubes.
  • 3-meter non-detachable cable. Both models are convenient for home use. Move a long distance from the TV, audio system or computer, sitting on the couch or in your favorite chair.

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Well, now - in more detail about the features of each model and their differences.

What is the difference between open and closed headphones

In a second, we'll find out which headphones are the best in sound quality!

AVC 500 Closed-Back Headphones


  • For those who like to immerse themselves in sound, it is preferable to choose closed-type headphones. With them, you completely abstract from external noises and focus on the music.
  • 3mm voice coils create a monitor sound that will appeal to most listeners. These are juicy bass, clear mids and slightly "drowned" highs.
  • On the outside of the cups there are anti-vibration aluminum plates, due to which the sound quality is improved.


  • You run the risk of not hearing the question of the second half or the sound of the approaching car. Both are life-threatening!
  • Sometimes they sound less bright, although it depends on the style and direction of the music.
  • The headbands and headbands are made of leatherette. In cool weather, the ears do not sweat in them even for several hours of listening, but in summer it is hot.

AVA 400 open headphones


  • Light and relaxed sounding as close to realistic as possible.
  • The headbands and headband are made of soft velvet. This material is not only pleasant, but also hygroscopic (absorbs moisture), which allows the ears to "breathe".
  • On the cups there is an aluminum mesh, under which the 40mm drivers are hidden.


  • You will hear everything that happens around, and the rest will contemplate your music. Music lovers are against!
  • You will annoy others by making the sound louder.
  • The bass is not conveyed as richly as in closed ones, although these are individual sensations.

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Each type has its own advantages. Open or closed - depends only on your own preferences. Whatever you choose, you will find any model on!

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